Alyson P. Thal, MD

Family Medicine
3841 Corrales Road PO Box 2090
Corrales, NM 87048 Get Directions

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Every patient is a unique individual and should be cared for according to his or her unique needs. My job is to get to know a patient as a whole person in order to address mind, body and spirit. It is also important for me to partner with my patients and help guide them through the complexities of today's healthcare system. Reinforcing a close, trusting and safe relationship with my patients is the key to helping them achieve their goals and enjoy a long, healthy life.

Dr. Thal's Credentials

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University of Colorado Medical Center
Pueblo, CO
Family Medicine 1984-1986

University of Colorado Medical Center
Pueblo, CO
Family Medicine 1983-1984

Medical School:
University of New Mexico, School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM
Doctorate of Medicine 1983

Webster University
Albuquerque, NM
Master of Business/Healthcare Administration 1994

Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa 1972
University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Microbiology 1976

Presbyterian Hospital
Lovelace Hospital
Medical Director, Sandoval County Detention Center 2012-present
Medical Director, Harmony Hospice 2005-2007
Medical Director, Americare & West Mesa Nursing Homes 1992-1994
Governor’s Task Force, Health Policy Commission, Santa Fe, NM 1995-1998
Healthcare Executive, Lovelace & Presbyterian 1993-1999
Adjunct Faculty Instructor, PhD Psychology Program, Las Cruces, NM 2006-2012
Adjunct Faculty Instructor, St. Francis Physician Assistant Program, Albuquerque, NM 2003-2008
Preceptor, University of New Mexico Medical Students 2000-2003
Greater Albuquerque Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians 
New Mexico
from Virginia August 4, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

no story - just think this is a particularly good medical practice

from Mark April 17, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

no story, just a caring understanding doctor...Dr. Thal and staff are all good!

from Phyllis March 30, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

Thank you Dr. Thal. Phyllis

from Jerry in NM March 30, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

There is more than you want to know. Thank you, Dr.

from Arthur March 29, 2017 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

After my intital visit with Dr Alyson That, I am very pleased to have her as my family doctor

Not only is her unique in the way she treats each patient but I have learned from others in her garden group, that she gives the produce to others less fortunate, like St Felix Pantry

I look forwards to many years with her as I meet more patients and learn more about the people in her… See more

from karla in NM February 12, 2015 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

Like having a Dr. available when we need one.

from Marie in NM February 24, 2014 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

Dr Thal is an angel to me. I've been with her since she started her practice in Corrales, NM in 1999. She has helped me through so many events in my life with her knowledge and kindness and caring; my breast cancer after having a breast reduction, my mother's death which devastated me, and my husband's death from acute myloid lukemia at the young age of 69.
She can be… See more

from margaret in NM February 10, 2014 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

Dr. Thal has always been available whenever I've needed her; wherever I am; by phone;by text; and in person. She challenges my ideas about what's going on with my health and invariably is right. As I've gotten older my health issues have become more complex and she has referred me to the best specialists available when she didn't feel qualified to handle the problem I was… See more

from Patricia in NM February 9, 2014 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

It is my pleasure to tell you about My Doctor Alyson Thal.
Years ago I was going to a doctor who I like very much and she made a decision to leave the health field. She told me about Dr. Thal whom I had heard about through my daughter who was seeing her. I made the change and I have been with her ever since.I use to sit in her office and wait for her for a hour or two. My wait was… See more

from Cecilia E. "Liz" in NM February 8, 2014 for Alyson P. Thal, MD

About a year ago after a one day stint in the hospital for a viral infection, I felt so discouraged as for over the past 3 years after moving back to New Mexico, I was unable to find a doctor. The one I did find did not seem to have time for me and could not even remember me on my third visit. I found the Corrales Family Practice and thought I would call since it is near my workplace. I was… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year