Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

Internal Medicine
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Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI
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Annual Membership Fee

450.00 every 3 months
900.00 every 6 months
1,800.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, I have the ability to spend more time with you to develop your individual healthcare goals in a warm and caring environment. This personalized healthcare approach allows me to know my patients well beyond their immediate health care needs. The relationship we foster will give us the opportunity to create a healthcare experience tailored to you and make your healthcare goals more obtainable. My MDVIP-affiliated practice offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices. The emphasis in my practice is on prevention and wellness, while also attending to your current health care concerns. 

I am affiliated with the Carson Tahoe Healthcare System in Carson City, Nevada. My MDVIP-affiliated practice focuses not only on disease prevention and risk modification, but we also strive to provide quality care in all aspects of internal medicine. I have several areas of interest that include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, lipids, osteoporosis and nutrition. I enjoy helping individuals obtain their personal goals and dreams.

Dr. Weed's Credentials

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Michigan State University, Mount Clemens General Hospital
Mount Clemens, MI
Internal Medicine 1992-1994
Chief Resident 1994

Michigan State University, Mount Clemens General Hospital
Mount Clemens, MI

Medical School:
Des Moines University - Iowa Health Sciences University
Des Moines, IA
Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine 1991

University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Business
Amherst, MA
Master of Business Administration 2008- 2011
Summa Cum Laude

Manchester College
North Manchester, IN
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry 1987

Fellow, American College of Osteopathic Internists
Diplomate, National Board Osteopathic Medical Examiners
Carson Tahoe Hospital
Physician of the Year, Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare 2012
Circle of Excellence Award 2010
Academic Achievement in Medical Management Award, American College of Physician Executives 2005-2008
Rookie of the Year, Boys and Girls Club, Western Nevada 2006
Resident Educator of the Year, Michigan State University, Mount Clemens General Hospital 1993, 1994
Clinical Assistance Professor of Medicine, Western College of Osteopathic Medicine of Pacific Pomona 1994-present
Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University Nevada 2009-present
Carson Tahoe Hospital
- Secretary and Treasurer, Medical Staff 2010-present
- Chief of Staff 2007-2010
Member and Trustee, Board of Directors, Carson Tahoe Health Systems 2016-present
American College of Physicians
American Osteopathic Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Weed

from Peggy in NV March 22, 2023 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

I am grateful that Dr. Andrea Weed was on top of things that puzzled her as the VA would probably never catch it! I went in for a routine checkup and part of her evaluation is doing an EKG. There was a 'blip' that puzzled her, so she suggested that I wear a holster, send it in for an evaluation, and proceed once we have the results. So, I left with a holster and followed the… See more

from Kathleen in NV March 30, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

I moved to Carson City, Nevada over twenty years ago. I came here for a specific job. I asked a fellow employee who would be a good doctor for me and my family. She told me about Dr. Andrea Weed. What a blessing!
Dr. Weed is a doctor who teaches you about your own health and how to take responsibility for it at the same time she provides amazing medical care. Her sense of her… See more

from Bernadette in NV March 21, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

Dr. Andrea Weed is a very special doctor. She puts her heart and soul into her practice. She makes every patient feel they are her only patient. She takes time to explain the results of all of your tests, which in my case, are not always the best, but she always praises you for what you have done right. In summary, I think she is the greatest. She has a very caring and wonderful staff, as… See more

from Amelia in NV March 18, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

I have been a patient of Dr. Andrea Weed for many years and she is the reason I'm in the MDVIP program. I am a female and I wanted to have a female doctor because who knows another female better? I have always felt that she remembered me and even before this program she cared enough to take time to ask and listen. Now that she has extended time with her patients she really gets to the… See more

from Ramona in NV March 18, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

I have had a number of health concerns the last few years and Dr. Weed has been there for me. When she became an MDVIP -affiliated doctor, my husband urged me to find another doctor because of the additional yearly fee, but I had been with Dr. Weed for over twenty years and was reluctant to change. Am I glad I stayed! She has phoned me when I have had concerns and has answered all of my… See more

from Stephanie in NV March 12, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

My husband had a scraping injury on his arm, we cleaned it well at home. But the next day, the arm didn't look good, so he went to the urgent care in our town, was given antibiotics, which unfortunately he had an allergic reaction to. We back to the urgent care was given steroids but no more antibiotics. The arm was still not improving so he then went in person to his doctor's… See more

from Eleanor in NV March 11, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

Dr. Weed is always there for matter what time...what day! She always remembers my medical history and I feel confident I’m getting the best care! I called her on a Friday, after office hours with a health concern and she was right on it. Prescriptions were called in and within a few hours, was better! Saved me an ER visit. Thank you Dr. Weed!

from Gary in NV March 11, 2020 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

I am blessed to have Dr. Weed looking out for my health. She pushed me to have a stress EKG. I was working 60 to 70 hours a week and thought I felt fine even though I knew I was not exercising enough. I saw the heart get wonky (medical term) when the treadmill speed was pushed up high. The next day, I was in having an angiogram. They found both maid arteries to the heart to be 99% blocked. At… See more

from Devere in NV March 25, 2018 for Andrea K. Weed, DO, FACOI

Dr. Weed has always been personable, polite, and caring. She is professional and always explains the what and why so someone like me can understand. She emphasizes good eating habits and exercise as benchmark for a healthy life. I have been a patient of Dr. Weeds for about 30 years and have never thought of going to someone else for my healthcare needs. Those who have chosen her as their… See more