Brett A. Wohler, MD

Family Medicine
6160 Fuller Court
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Brett A. Wohler, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am a primary care physician practicing in a personalized healthcare model with an emphasis on prevention, wellness and early detection. As a family physician, I see children and make rounds with my patients admitted to INOVA Alexandria Hospital. My practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia and serves the DC Metro area, including Springfield, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, as well as surrounding areas in Maryland. 

My practice philosophy is focused on getting to know and understand my patients as best I can to help guide them through the maze of our current healthcare system. This commitment involves partnering with patients and continually discussing their health concerns and lifestyle choices. As a private doctor, I like to emphasize the power of the individual and to help him or her using natural treatments (more exercise, stress management, healthier diet and weight management) rather than pharmaceuticals when possible. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. 

I have been named to the list of Best Doctors in America® for 18 consecutive years.

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Dr. Wohler's Credentials

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University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Medical School:
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA
Bachelor of Science, Interdepartmental Studies 1981
University of Kiel
Kiel, West Germany
Fulbright Scholarship
Neurophysiology Research 1981-1982

American Board of Family Practice
INOVA Alexandria Hospital
Phi Beta Kappa 1979
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Bowman Scholarship, Clinical Excellence 1985
Raven Society 1985
Chief Resident 1988-1989
Washingtonian's Top Doctors List 2008, 2010
Consumers' Checkbook Top Doctor 2007
Best Doctors in America® 1996-2014
Georgetown University School of Medicine, Clinical Preceptor
Georgetown University School of Medicine, Associate Clinical Faculty 1989-1990
American Academy of Family Practice 1986-present
Virginia Medical License 0101042682

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Wohler

from Alfred in VA February 15, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

Dr. Brett Wohler is always there when I call for an appointment, he always listen to me and answer all my question, and determined to find out my problem.

from Gerardo in VA February 11, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

Dr. Wohler cares about me and my family, and thus does his best taking care of my well-being. He is quick to answer phone calls that serve to ease anxieties. He visited me in the hospital when I had to undergo an unexpected appendectomy, and he was quickly on top of what had been going on. He also knows his science. He also cares for my wife, whom he recommended to go to the ER when she… See more

from Elana in MD February 11, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

My story is very simple, Dr. Wohler gets me. He takes the time to know me and is a partner, expert, and a mentor in maintaining my health. His guidance is first rate.

from Wendy in VA January 22, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

I have been Dr. Brett Wohler's patient for a number of years and have never felt safer or more cared for, not only physically but also in overall well-being. He is attentive, responds right away when I need help. Dr. Wohler even took the time to pay a visit to my home and meet my husband. As i have a terminal disease it was important to me that he see me in my own surroundings. Thank… See more

from Sharon in VA January 19, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

I consulted my physician, Dr. Brett Wohler after experiencing an electrical shock going through my arm and hand one evening and extreme fatigue following the incident.

Dr. Wohler sent me for an MRI which showed a brain tumor in a dangerous location on the sagittal sinus.
I had surgery at John Hopkins by the director of Neurosurgery. Two more brain tumors were diagnosed post… See more

from Pete in VA January 18, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD
Image provided by: Pete

Sonja and I are grateful for and value our relationship with Brett who has been a good and reassuring presence in our lives for many years. He shows his genuine caring as he calmly takes time to listen, inquire, explain, follow-up, recommend, support, respond to email questions.

from Carolyn in VA January 18, 2024 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

Dr. Brett Wohler is a truly exceptional physician. He has provided outstanding medical care for me for over 30 years. An event that happened in August 2022 stands out as particularly meaningful in his care for me, and exhibits how he cares for his patients.
I was admitted to the Emergency Department of a local hospital on a Sunday morning for a 2nd degree heart block. (Dr. Wohler was… See more

from Carolyn in VA March 23, 2023 for Brett A. Wohler, MD
Image provided by: Carolyn

Dr. Wohler has been my physician for about 30 years. When he converted to the MDVIP system, there was no question that I would join MDVIP to keep him has my physician. Although I am retired and this is an expense each year, it has to be a priority -- if you don't have your health, you can't help yourself or others, and in my opinion, Dr. Wohler and MDVIP have played and continue to… See more

from Wendy in VA December 14, 2022 for Brett A. Wohler, MD

As I get older, I face more and more many unwelcome 'events' that life throws at me. It sometimes feels like I'm "in the ring" - the boxing ring that is. And the person that keeps me going is Dr. Brett Wohler. He is in my corner - cheering me on, giving me the tools, physically and mentally, to take on the tough challenges, to face my fears. I'm recovering from… See more

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