Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
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Daniel Perez, MD, FACP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

In order to practice good medicine, a partnership between doctor and patient is essential. This partnership is based on mutual trust and respect that is earned, not given. As an MDVIP-affiliated internal medicine physician, I will have more time to develop close relationships with my patients, carefully review records and perform the comprehensive wellness program. We will work together as a team and formulate a wellness plan that will help you achieve your health goals. When it comes to the well-being of my patients, there are no short cuts to being healthy, no simple formulas or “one-size-fits-all” approaches. My internal medicine practice provides care that can help make a happy, healthy future your reality. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. 

I am a board-certified infectious disease specialist that can provide consultations for referred patients who have infectious problems caused by bacteria, virus and parasites. Some of the conditions I treat include cellulitis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections among others. Many of the internal medicine physicians in the area refer their difficult cases for evaluation to our office for our medical expertise. I have a variety of medical interests which include travel medicine, oncology, and its complications from chemotherapy, and immune-deficiency states caused by infections or other medical conditions. 

I am an attending physician at Westside Regional Medical Center and currently a member of the Medical Executive Committee. As your private doctor who is familiar with your health, it is important for me to assist with your care if you are hospitalized. My internal medicine practice currently serves all of Western Broward County. I also speak Spanish.

Dr. Perez' Credentials

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Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons
New York, NY
Clinical Post-doctoral Fellow, Infectious Diseases 1997-1999

Danbury Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine
Danbury, CT
Internal Medicine 1993-1996
Chief Resident 1996-1997

Danbury Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine
Danbury, CT

Medical School:
Health Science Institute
Medellin, Colombia
Doctorate of Medicine 1989

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Westside Regional Medical Center
Memorial Hospital West
English and Spanish
Intern of the Year, Honorary Mention, Danbury Hospital 1994
Westside Regional Medical Center
- Medical Executive Committee 2002-present
- Attending Physician, Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist, 2002-Present
- Member, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 2007-present
- Member, Infection Control Committee 2007-present
- Vice Chief of Staff 2015-present
- Chairman, Department of Medicine 2012-2013
- Chief of Staff 2013-2015
Attending Physician, Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist, Memorial West, Memorial Health Systems 2010-2013
Attending Physician, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Cleveland Clinic Florida 2000-2002
Clinical Instructor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, Columbia University 1999-2000
American College of Physicians
Infectious Disease Society of America
American Society of Microbiology
American Academy of HIV Medicine

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Perez

from cindi in FL April 2, 2024 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

I’m so happy my daughter and I are patients of Dr. Daniel Perez with the MDVIP program.
Dr. Perez is a kind, caring person and a wonderful doctor. We never have a long wait to see him. He gives us as much time as we need to speak to him at our office visits. We never feel rushed. He gives us the best medical care and advice. Dr. Perez is also a great communicator after hours. He always… See more

from Elizabeth in FL March 9, 2024 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

The best Dr. and care I could ask for. Dr Perez is always available and understanding. The office and support staff is fabulous. My husband and I have been patients of his for many years before he joined MDVIP. He is also great at communicating with other doctors concerning our care. It gives us much peace of mind to be a part of his practice and MDVIP

from PHYLLIS in FL February 10, 2024 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

We truly appreciate and value our relationship with Dr. Daniel Perez in Plantation, Florida. He's quick to answer our texts or phone calls. He listens carefully to our health concerns and provides valuable medical insight. We are so happy to be members of his practice and we are fortunate that he gives us the support and knowledge we need when making medical decisions. Our lives are improved… See more

from Rachel in FL January 21, 2024 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

We understand, per your request, that you are seeking important, dramatic stories about amazing MDVIP doctors who have saved their patients’ lives. We hesitated to submit our story because neither of us, a healthy married couple in our mid 50s, can point to one "moment" when Dr. Daniel Perez, our MDVIP doctor, swooped in to save the day. Then, we realized, the quiet everyday heroism… See more

from charles in FL January 19, 2024 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

dr perez has a kind and caring soul any family member of mine that goes to his hospital always gets a visit fm dr perez they r not on the mdvip program but he always make it a point to visit and smile much appreciated
MDVIP is lucky to have him

from Charlie in FL March 15, 2020 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

He is not only caring for Lisa and I but he went by the hospital to check on my sister everyday she was there Dr. Perez is not her Doctor but he did it for us In today’s society who does that for people We are blessed to have him

from Richard in FL March 10, 2020 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

Dr. Perez is fantastic he cares provides advice and guidance in a VERY respectful way. He's my doctor for life!!!

from Dr Henry and NaomiNaomi in FL March 10, 2020 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

We love you as our physician and as an individual. My husband has been on the Board of Directors on six universities hospitals. Although on those Boards, we have never received the quality of care that you have given us. The depth of your evaluations exceeds all of our previous physicians. The clearness and explanation of all our visits exceeds all of our other physicians. In our opinion, you… See more

from Richard in FL March 13, 2018 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

My last visit with Dr Perez was very detailed and I really appreciate the time he spent with me. Although not the best patient I try to take in everything he tells me and follow his instructions as best as my will power will let me.

Dr Perez is the best and he alone is the reason I agreed to the MDVIP program!

from Suzanne in FL March 4, 2018 for Daniel Perez, MD, FACP

I love Dr. Perez and MDVIP. The level of service starting at the front desk includes everyone in the office. Dr. Perez takes his time and no question goes unanswered. Although I have been with MDVIP for short time it is well worth the money.