Don R. Roller, MD

Family Medicine
4720 South Harvard Avenue Suite 102
Tulsa, OK 74135 Get Directions
Don R. Roller, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My passion as your primary care physician is to educate, support and guide you to a healthier and happier life. Wellness is not just the absence of disease but an optimal state of functioning. Can you do the things you want to do at this stage of your life? With MDVIP’s support, I am able to spend more time with my patients to discuss their health concerns in detail, explore the underlying causes and make a plan for attainable – and sustainable – lifestyle changes.

One of my primary interests is nutrition, particularly a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. We have tremendous influence over our health and longevity. For example, heart disease is the most prominent cause of death in our country, and despite genetics, modifiable risk factors may play an even more important role in its development. Our bodies have a tremendous power to heal, and one way we can support that is by replacing harmful foods with healthy, plant-based foods. A whole food, plant-based nutrition plan can play a critical role in reducing vascular diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases as a cause of death.

I have greatly enjoyed my affiliation with MDVIP in the last several years. This personalized method of delivering healthcare affords me adequate time to better address the causes of disease, not just treat the symptoms. Many times, the best and safest answer is not another pill or procedure. My office is centrally located in midtown Tulsa at 47th and Harvard.

Dr. Roller's Credentials

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University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Tulsa, OK
Family Practice 1975-1978
Chief of Family Practice 1977-1978

Medical School:
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Oklahoma City, OK
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1971
President's Honor Roll 1968-1971

Saint John Medical Center
Hillcrest Medical Center
Chief of Family Practice, Hillcrest Medical Center 1985-1990
Chief of Family Practice, St. John Medical Center 2004-2006
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians
- Prevention and Wellness care
- Exercise and golf

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from MARCIA in OK March 14, 2020 for Don R. Roller, MD

Dr. Roller has been a constant in our lives for many years before MDVIP. He is personable and caring, always answers our questions and keeps us on the right health path. The biggest difference he has made in our lives is changing the way we eat. A meatless diet has not only improved our health but resulted in a significant weight loss. For this, we sincerely thank him.

from Julie in OK March 11, 2020 for Don R. Roller, MD

Dr.Roller has cared for my family for 40 years. I have always appreciated his attention and follow up. Recently he has educated us well on the benefits of plant based eating and The changes that we have made hopefully will allow many more years of health and vigor. Best wishes Don and thank you.

from David in OK February 29, 2020 for Don R. Roller, MD

My wife contracted bacterial Meningitis three years ago, and was placed in ICU for treatment. Dr. Roller visited her in the hospital twice to comfort her, and answer any questions she had about her treatment while in the hospital. After she was released, it took her three months to fully recover, but Dr. Roller was always there to reassure her that her recovery was normal, and prescribed the… See more

from Janet in OK March 7, 2018 for Don R. Roller, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Rollers for many years now and can't tell you how important he is to me. I appreciate the time that you spend with me at appts and helping me become a better me. There have been occasions that I have to call after hours and you are quick to respond and prescribe something if necessary (you know how I can be a whiny baby-HA) Seriously though Dr. Roller you… See more

from Larry in OK March 4, 2018 for Don R. Roller, MD

I just wanted to thank Dr. Roller for all of his help. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, my lipids, inflammation, metabolic numbers and other stats are looking very good! Dr. Roller has been my doctor for 35 years. Twenty four years ago, I had a severe stroke. Dr. Roller was a great help throughout those troubles times. He's a big part of the healthy life that I'm able to… See more

from Mary in OK March 3, 2018 for Don R. Roller, MD
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Dr. Don Roller has been my primary care physician for nearly 20 years. His quiet, thoughtful manner makes me feel that he is really listening to what I say, and his diagnoses and treatments have definitely improved the quality of my health care. I appreciate his sense of humor, and the way his staff treat me kindly and with respect.

from Michae in OK February 28, 2018 for Don R. Roller, MD
User submitted photo

I couldn't be happier with the care you've shown both Marilyn and me and am appreciative of the time you have to give in the MDVIP arrangement. I'll admit I was skeptical at first; not with respect to your ability or service but to the boutique medical arrangement in general. You've certainly made a positive difference in our lives by promoting healthy living and… See more

from Lynda Anne in OK February 27, 2018 for Don R. Roller, MD

I was a Stage 3/4 Chronic Kidney disease-patient. I was on a plateau with only anemia as a side effect. Dr. Roller was the doctor that realized this problem and sent me on to a kidney specialist. However I was in between visits to my nephrologist and Dr Roller was running his regular check on my cholesterol. He always checks my creatine when he does my blood tests. He probably saved my life… See more