Gayle Cekada, MD

Internal Medicine
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Gayle Cekada, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to continue to provide excellent and compassionate medical care. The Doctor-Patient relationship is very important to me. My philosophy is to put patients first and to take the time to give personal attention in order to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Cekada's Credentials

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University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1995-1997

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1994-1995

Medical School:
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1994
American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Award of Excellence 1994
Ciba-Giegy Award for Outstanding Community Service 1993

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences 1989
Outstanding Senior Award, Department of Geological Sciences 1989
W. Norris Award, Field Geology 1988

American Board of Internal Medicine
- Preventive and wellness care, weight management, nutrition, exercise guidance and geriatric medicine
- My two beautiful children and loving husband. Hiking, cycling, walks on the beach with my dogs. I strongly support the Hearst Cancer Resource Center, a center created by my husband to support those facing cancer

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Cekada

from Janet in CA March 26, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

We first contacted Dr. Gayle Cekada when we moved to the Central Coast in 1999. She welcomed us to her practice, which was in Pismo Beach at that time, as the smart and lovely young woman she was then and has continued to be through the twenty-five years since. She was married to Dr. Vendegna but hadn't yet become a mom - something that she managed to take care of soon after becoming our… See more

from Catherine in CA March 9, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

Having a concierge doctor brings great peace of mind. We already knew Dr. Cekada was a good doctor and had tried to get in with her and were fortunate enough to have her admit us to her practice.
We had been with a Dignity doctor who never seemed to have enough time to adequately see us. When my husband developed a pain in his leg, Dignity ER diagnosed a blood clot and put him on blood… See more

from Patricia in CA March 7, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

It is a genuine pleasure to relate my complete satisfaction and appreciation with you about my physician, Dr. Gayle Cekada, on National Doctors' Day.

To begin with, her competence as a medical provider is beyond question. If issues develop with me that require her intervention, she is immediately available, provides sound counsel, and follows up to ensure my concerns are resolved.… See more

from Nancy in CA February 14, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD
Image provided by: Nancy

I met my doctor, Gayle Cekada, is December of 1998 in a walk-in clinic where she removed my two drains after my breast cancer surgery. We had immediate chemistry with her—she was the kindest, most caring doctor I had ever had. She told me that she would be opening her own practice very soon; I promised myself and her that I would be one of her first patients! Twenty-six years and two more… See more

from Bonnie in CA February 13, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

Dr. Cekada has been my primary care physician for over 20 years, and because of her professionalism, expertise, and personable bedside manner, I gladly transitioned with her to MDVIP. A great strength of Dr. Cekada is her ability to really focus on me, the patient, as a person and not just on my medical concern. While she has a clear emphasis on health and wellness, her attention is on where I… See more

from Sheffield in CA February 12, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD
Image provided by: Sheffield

There are just too many times you have taken extraordinary care of me physically and mentally for me to single out one in particular. I really do not think I'd still be alive, much less enjoying such a good life, if not for your "doctoring." You are not just an incredible physician but a wonderful person. I can't imagine a life without your care and caring. Thank You Gayle.

from Susan in CA February 11, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

I live in an area with a paucity of physicians, from generalists to specialists, so I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful care. But the scarcity of doctors in our area puts a much heavier burden on those we do have as they have to spend much of their time searching for specialists, testing, treatment, etc. for their patients. My MDVIP doctor deserves a great deal of thanks for endlessly… See more

from Pat and Terrie in CA February 10, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD
Image provided by: Pat and Terrie

Dr Cekada has always been there for us. Starting with preventative ideas, helping us with health issues as they arise, and even following up with us, after the fact. We could not be happier, thank you for all you do for us Dr Cekada!

from Cinda in CA February 10, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

I moved to this city nine years ago without knowing a soul. I had a small medical issue and went searching the internet for a doctor. I am thankful every day I found Dr. Cekada. She is smart, kind, honest and compassionate. She is proactive in your care and treats the whole person. She is available, supportive and takes the time to really listen. She makes you feel like you and your health are… See more

from Kathleen in CA February 10, 2024 for Gayle Cekada, MD

First and foremost Gayle is a truly beautiful and delightful human. And an excellent doctor who cares very much for the health of her patients. I can count of her to be my guide to a healthy and happy life. She gently but firmly nudges me when she sees I am not on target with my health. Thank goodness I am a healthy woman for the most part, but if I ever do have a health crisis, I know… See more