Greg Ferrara, MD

Family Medicine
13828 Coursey Boulevard
Baton Rouge, LA 70817 Get Directions
Greg Ferrara, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to manage and anticipate your unique healthcare needs. As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, I will partner with you on a personal level to help you achieve the optimal health we all value. We will closely collaborate on what it takes to stay on the path to wellness. You will feel welcomed by the relaxed, individualized attention you will receive from everyone in our office.

Dr. Ferrara's Credentials

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Earl K. Long Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA
Family Medicine 1980-1982

Earl K. Long Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA

Medical School:
Louisiana State University Medical School
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1979

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1975

American Board of Family Physicians
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Woman's Hospital
Baton Rouge General
Best Doctors in America® 2013-2014
American Academy of Family Medicine
Southern Medical Association
Louisiana State Medical Society
East Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Ferrara

from Susan in LA March 14, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD

I feel that our relationship with Dr Ferrara exceeds all expectations of what a General Physician is to you personally and professionally . My husband Terry Porter has had many significant health issues over the years (Hep C , heart by pass , prostrate cancer, etc) and I don’t think Terry would have recovered as well or had the confidence needed to bounce back without the encouragement and… See more

from Virginia Gail in LA March 10, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD
Image provided by: Virginia Gail

When I relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana from Texas my first task was to find a new doctor. Unfortunately, I had two failed attempts that wasted 2 years of my life before I found Dr. Greg Ferrara.
I turned 80 last year. My main concerns were blood sugar readings that had spiraled out of control and my failures to lose the weight I definitely needed to lose. I finally ask a trusted… See more

from RICHARD in LA March 10, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD

Dr Greg Ferrara has been my primary care doctor in Baton Rouge for close to 20 years. I had back surgery in December and then developed Sepsis. After 3 weeks in the hospitals, and taking a large daily dose of heavy anti-biotics, I was having some anxieties over what probiotics I should be taking, how often I could take the mild laxative my doctor prescribed, etc. I called Dr Ferrara's… See more

from Mirelle in LA March 9, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD

I found MDVIP and Doctor Ferrara 10 years ago. 13 years ago, i was diagnosed with 3 life changing problems. I had multiple surgeries and saw multiple doctors. I was visiting my family and needed help with something. I visited often, so I decided that I needed a doctor that was accessible. I am no longer a visitor, but a resident, and being a patient brings me peace of mind. Dr Ferrara and his… See more

from Michael in LA February 18, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD

My doctor is Greg Ferrara. He has been my doctor for many years, including those before MDVIP.

In 2010, I became very short of breath suddenly one night and had my wife call Dr. Ferrara when his office opened the next day. He had us come in immediately even though he had other scheduled appointments. He conducted a series of tests and reviewed my symptoms and said it appeared like I had… See more

from William in OK February 10, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD
Image provided by: William

Greg, has been my Physician for over 30 years! He is a very talented physician with skills and very Intelligent! Greg, has always been very caring and thoughtful all these years, every time I called are visited he was very accurate in his assessment and diagnosis which as a patient that’s a very comforting! You can call him anytime and he responds he has an exceptional staff that has been with… See more

from Don in LA January 18, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD

Not long after joining MDVIP I had an accident while making a delivery to a healthcare facility. I fell out of the back of a delivery truck and hit my head on the loading dock. I received a large cut on the back of my head, rendering me unconscious. I was then taken to an emergency area in the facility where I was evaluated and found to have a concussion, broken tail bone, and a number of… See more

from Carol in LA January 17, 2024 for Greg Ferrara, MD
Image provided by: Carol

Anytime I go to Dr. Ferrara he is there for me. When I have something going on with my health he listens to what I say and asks questions! He makes suggestions and we talk about if that might work for me. I’m never made to feel like he is rushing me. He also asks about my family and takes time to really get to know me. I feel like a person when I’m in his office, not just a number. The picture… See more

from Robyn in MS March 11, 2020 for Greg Ferrara, MD

12 years ago, before MDVIP, I found Dr. Gregory Ferrara. I was sick. Very sick. Dr. Ferrara stood out because he listened. He willingly involved me in my medical decisions. After losing our home in the “1000 year flood” I moved out of state. I tried to find another Dr in my current home state. After 2 years of trying out other doctors, I had to come back to Dr Greg. I travel 2 hours to see him… See more

from Larry in LA March 17, 2018 for Greg Ferrara, MD

Dr. Greg has been terrific. When my wife and I have issues he makes himself available to see us quickly, without exception. Great guy and great staff.

When you enter the waiting room of MDVIP affiliate Dr. Greg in Baton Rouge, you might think you actually walked into an art gallery. The warm and welcoming waiting room boasts a one-of-a-kind, original artwork made by a local artist. Created by a longtime MDVIP patient and titled “Doc’s Curbside… See more