Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

Internal Medicine
700 Old Country Road Suite 200
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

It is my honor and privilege to care for my patients and a responsibility I take seriously. I treat all people with respect, kindness and love just as I would members of my own family. I strive for excellence in all I do regarding the health and welfare of my patients. I am excited to share in the victories of my patients but also cry with them when they face defeat. I am ready, willing and able to help my patients in every way possible to achieve their wellness goals and help them lead a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Orfanos' Credentials

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North Shore University Hospital/ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York
Internal Medicine 1988-1990

North Shore University Hospital/ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York

Medical School:
Northwestern University Medical School
Chicago, IL
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

Adelphi University
Garden City, NY
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Magna Cum Laude 1982

Board Certified Internal Medicine
Winthrop University Hospital
Clinical Associate in Medicine, Cornell University Medical College 1987-1990
American Medical Association
Nassau County Medical Society
from Ronald in NY March 28, 2017 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

At this stage of my life, 66, I actually look forward to seeing Dr Orfanos. I do stop by and say hello when I am close by. The office the people just different feeling. I unfortunately have gone to many doctors over the years. Even now a cardiologist, a orthopedist yich. I feel like a head of cattle.
Not so since I started here, Helene,Jackie, Christy and now Eileen. Perfect!!

from Ann in NY March 26, 2017 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

I have been a patient long before she became a part of MDVIP. My family and friends often tell me I am crazy to incur an additional expense with the way things are today. I say that is because you do not know my doctor. She has always been a wonderful, kind, caring, knowledgeable physician why would I consider anyone else. As we age we need more care and kindness and I cheirsh how she treats… See more

from Claire in NY March 27, 2017 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

Dr. Orfanos friendly, caring manner puts me at ease, from the beginning of the visit. She, even before she was affiliated with MDVIP, gave as much time as a patient needed, never rushed me, ALWAYS asks about family members, and remembers so much about previous visits and conversations, back many months,
She is overly diligent and cautious,recommending further tests and specialists just… See more

from marilyn in NY March 24, 2017 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

dr jackie orfanos has made a huge difference in my life. for the first time, i feel as if i have a relationship with my doctor. i had to text her in an emergency...very early in the morning. the answer came right back and it saved my husband's life.
the office staff is terrific...we are very grateful for dr jackie.

from Samuel in NY March 23, 2017 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

Dr. Orfanos took over the practice about 2 years ago and I unexpectedly at the same time had bypass surgery. Shortly after the surgery, I was not feeling well and was concerned about some bruises in my leg. I called Dr. Orfanos one evening when I was really worried (it was about 10:00 pm). She told me to go to the ER but what impressed me most was that she insisted that I have the attending… See more

from Linda in NY February 19, 2014 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

Dr. Orfanos is so caring, when my husband Gus was ill with a heart problem she treated him like a close relative not a patient. He is from old school and doesn't want to go to doctors or take meds., but with Dr. Orfanos, he does all those things and he sings her praises as I do. Thank God we have her for our doctor, she makes you feel safe and protected.

from Nikki in NY February 17, 2014 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

Dr. Orfanos is always available anytime to help with all my healthcare concerns. One time I called her at 1 AM and she answered my call right away. She is the only one I trust with my health. When I meet with her I feel I am talking to a caring friend.

from DIANNE in NY February 11, 2014 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

It has been wonderful to have more time at appointments to discuss health concerns. One conversation with Dr. Orfanos inspired me to address losing weight (23 lbs. so far) and committing to healthier eating. The extensive blood work identifies potential issues and is very helpful also. MDVIP is the health care we all deserve... thank you Dr. Orfanos!!

from marguerite in NY February 10, 2014 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

after DrJackie took over things changed. Having many different issues, 5 different Doctors and 8 different medications led to a lot of confusion.I feel safer and cared for and my husband is no longer bleary eyed checking things on the medical websites .Thank God for Dr.Orfanos

from Sue in NY February 7, 2014 for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Orfanos for the past 15 years. I have been through many ups and downs and she has always been there for me, when she became a member of MDVIP I immediately joined without hesitation. She has always found time to listen and share kind works of encouragement.Whenever she refers me to a specialist I can count on getting a call from Dr. Orfanos to discuss the… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year