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Internal Medicine
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Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Since the age of seven, my dream was to become a doctor. Although, I did not know any female physicians growing up, I knew I had a passion for helping people. I was the kid who tried to stop the bullies from harassing other children, as I felt the need to protect them. Caring and hard work was instilled in me at a young age by my parents. They came to an unknown country having lost everything in war torn Europe with a pioneer spirit, ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard in order to raise their children in a free country.

In college, I realized my love for science. My passion for the material, as well as my desire to help others, convinced me that becoming a doctor was my calling. My greatest lament is when I was away at medical school, my father became very ill and I learned the importance of a primary care physician first hand. Our family doctor had retired, and my father did not have a primary care doctor to coordinate his care -someone in charge. He had many specialists who did not appear to communicate well with each other. Sadly, he did not survive. To this day, I still wonder if he had a good, caring internist, the outcome may have been different. What was missing is in my father’s case is what motivates me to be the best possible internal medicine physician I can be. I never want a patient or patients' family members to feel alone or helpless.

I chose internal medicine because I found it to be the most challenging. I love being a detective trying to figure out what is wrong with a patient. This is where internists thrive. We are the front line of medicine - your most important doctor. If you can imagine an old fashioned carriage wheel, we are the center of the wheel and the consultants are the spokes. If a spoke breaks, you can continue driving on the wheel; however, if the center breaks the entire wheel collapses. As a primary care physician, it is my job to keep your wheels turning.

As an Internist you need curiosity,

Dr. Neuman's Credentials

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Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch, NJ
Internal Medicine 1992-1995

Medical School:
University of Graz Medical School
Graz, Austria
Doctorate of Medicine 1989

Pfeiffer College
Misenheimer, NC
Bachelor of Arts, German and Psychology 1971
Dean's List

American Board of Internal Medicine
Monmouth Medical Center
English and German
America's Top Physicians, Consumers' Research Council of America 2015
Monmouth Medical Center
- Residency Review Committee 1996-2014
- Medical Executive Committee 2007-2011
American College of Physicians
Christian Medical Dental Association
New Jersey

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Neuman

from donna in NJ March 17, 2020 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP

Kudos to Dr. Neuman and Barbara, her right hand...both awesome and reliable professionals, always going the extra mile in meeting my healthcare needs!
I am new to Doctor's practice, having had a life-threatening medical event 18 months ago, and emergency surgery to save my life. Since that time, she has been not only extremely thorough (having spent hours on my initial uptake… See more

from Regina in NJ March 11, 2020 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP
Image provided by: Regina

My foot doctor recommended Dr. Jane (Neuman) to be thorough and someone who would be just right for me. Going on 16 yrs, he was correct both then and now, at my lovely age of 85. Not only is she a recognized western physician, but she is also open to new ideas. Most important, after my hip replacement, we did a deep dive into the many blood tests to find various conditions that she treated… See more

from Lois in NJ March 11, 2020 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP

I have always had a dread of visiting the doctor's office. My family had a long history of ill health, and because of that, I would become extremely anxious about medical issues. Don't get me wrong, if i can trot down the Asbury Park boardwalk or visit a museum, I would happily do these things instead of making a doctor appointment. But when I need to see Dr. Neuman - I go to her office with… See more

from Michael in NJ March 10, 2020 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP
Image provided by: Michael

At a Christmas rock concert on December 23, I suddenly was racked by severe pain in my lower back. I was admitted to the hospital that night and X-rays and a Catscan revealed a large kidney stone. After a sleepless night, I called Dr. Neuman on her personal phone on Christmas Eve. She was more than helpful in her advice and in giving me the proper doctors to call. I'll never forget her act of… See more

from Jan in NJ March 25, 2018 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Jane Neuman for years and she is amazing!! I consider her my friend who happens to be my Doctor . I have had multiple medical issues over the years and she has always been there for me. I was diagnosed with Pakinson's Disease about a year ago and quite alot of problems with the medication to bring it under control. I went to Dr. Neuman in… See more

from Diann in NJ March 18, 2018 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP

Dr Neuman has been our family physician for many years. Aside from her stellar medical knowledge, her empathy,compassion and support knows no bounds. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family through the years.

from Lillian in NJ March 12, 2018 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP


Dr. Neuman has been my personal physician for a number of years. I'm not quite sure where to begin to express my appreciation for all that she has done for me. She is knowledgeable, gives excellent advice, is compassionate & understanding about any concerns I may have about my medical issues. Time spent with me is never rushed. If… See more

from Sherri & Allan in NJ March 1, 2018 for Jane E. Neuman, MD, FACP
User submitted photo

My husband and I appreciate Dr. Jane Neuman's professionalism, intellect and compassion. We are very pleased to have joined her practice family and look forward to many years together! We also are so fortunate to have Barbara Schibells to help facilitate our care. Sometimes you are priviledged to meet a special person who impacts your health and happiness....We feel we have hit the… See more