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Jennifer Hollywood, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am a family physician who has been practicing primary care in Easton, MD for 30 years. I became affiliated with MDVIP in 2021. The MDVIP practice model has allowed me to practice medicine in a fashion that I enjoy, and I believe my patients appreciate.

My MDVIP-affiliated practice offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices.

The focus of MDVIP and my practice is preventive care. In fact, VIP stands for Value in Prevention. I believe that a proactive approach to medicine is more beneficial than the reactive approach that I feel traditional medicine has followed over the last several decades.  My MDVIP affiliation assists in providing my patients and me advanced tools and resources not utilized in most typical medical practices. I tend to emphasize an approach focused on preventive health and interventions which may help patients as they work to reduce the risk of illnesses or diseases that might occur in the future. I enjoy reading articles and learning new information regarding medicine and health. The most rewarding part of my practice is participating in my patients’ health journey.    


 It is important, now more than ever, to have a primary care doctor who has the time and resources to care for you personally and proactively. Watch this video to hear more.

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Telemedicine Option: I am also using telemedicine visits to stay connected with my patients when they are unable to see me in the office. It is easy to do, and we have maintained our momentum with preventive health goals and chronic care during difficult times.

Dr. Hollywood's Credentials

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Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital 
Greensboro, NC
Family Medicine 1992-1994

Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital 
Greensboro, NC

Medical School:
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1991

Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC
Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry 1986

Diplomate, National Board of Physicians and Surgeons
University of Maryland Shore Regional Health 
Top Docs Family Medicine, Eastern Shore What's Up? 2009
Eastern Director, Maryland Academy of Family Physicians 2015-2017

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hollywood

from Arthur in MD March 10, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

I joined MDVIP two years ago at the age of 89. I brought with me several health problems including chronic kidney disease. In the last two years I have had health issues such as pneumonia, covid and arthiritis . I have also experienced several minor but annoying health problems. Dr. Hollywood has always addressed all my health problems effectively. I mention this because at my age most… See more

from Ronald in MD February 18, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

I have been a MDVIP client/patient since it became available in Easton MD. Probably more than 12 years. Dr Hollywood has been my MDVIP Health Guardian since January 2020. She has ushered me through liver issues, and early stage kidney disease. I feel complete confidence in her direction on my health care issues. Although I am 76 years old I have relatively few health issues requiring… See more

from Kate in MD February 10, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

i had a bad respiratory illness that went on for 10 days so I called the office. The receptionist told me that Dr Hollywood was out for her own procedure being done that day and i would have to go to urgent care. As i hung up and was calling to schedule an urgent care appointment, I saw that Dr Hollywood herself was calling me. She was driving out of town for her own urgent procedure and still… See more

from Lynn B in MD February 7, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

I am an elderly retired physician and was in need of finding a competent family physician to monitor my physical and mental well being. Although her practice was maxed out, she graciously agreed accept me as one more patient. Having just completed my physical exam and laboratory testing, I was totally impressed with her competence, knowledge, and caring manner leaving me confident that I was… See more

from Joyce T in MD February 7, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

I am a new patient of Dr. Hollywood’s having just finished my physical exam and baseline laboratory studies. I couldn’t be more impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail covering every aspect of physical and mental well being in a caring professional manner.Not only does she recommend what to do medically but she gives you that information in printed form or the Internet address to… See more

from Joan in MD January 17, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD

I'm 80 years old and my daughter is my health responsible person in my will. So I recently asked her to talk to my doctor about what's been going on recently. I wasn't sure how Dr. Hollywood would respond but my daugher said she had a nice conversation on the phone with her. I'm not worried about it now that my daughter is involved and I'm so glad my doctor and she got along well. It means a… See more

from Francis in MD January 17, 2024 for Jennifer Hollywood, MD
Image provided by: Francis

Dr. Hollywood has been my GP for 15+ years and has helped me navigate this phase of life.
The photo shows that I played DI college lacrosse in the 70’s when I was in my 20’s and now I’m playing in the 20’s when I’m in my 70’s.

Thanks Dr. Hollywood ❤️💪👍