John Bickle, DO

Family Medicine
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John Bickle, DO
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Annual Membership Fee

550.00 every 3 months
1,100.00 every 6 months
2,200.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My passion as a primary care physician is to provide you with  personalized care and attention. My goal is to partner with you, the patient, to help achieve and improve your quality-of-life no matter your age. Much of this involves non-medicinal "coaching," with an emphasis on lifestyle changes you can make to support prevention of illness and your path to wellness. 

In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, you will be treated in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can benefit from my focus on prevention and wellness. My staff will also welcome you and treat you with a friendly compassion that does not exist in the larger "mill practices" seen today. We truly get to know our patients on a personal level and treat each and every patient as a member of our extended family. I also offer conveniences, like same- or next-day appointments that start on time, which may be found in concierge medicine practices. 

My family medicine practice is located in Carefree and serves patients from North Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Windsong. I am affiliated with HonorHealth (formerly Scottsdale Healthcare) hospitals and also work with specialists at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale.  

I encourage you to schedule a "meet and greet" with us if you are interested in our style of personalized healthcare within a very small, and unique, practice population.

Dr. Bickle's Credentials

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Michigan State University, Garden City Osteopathic Hospital
Garden City, MI
Family Medicine 1992-1994
Chief Resident 1993-1994

Garden City Osteopathic Hospital
Garden City, MI

Medical School:
Nova Southeastern University (Formerly Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1991

University of Dayton
Dayton, OH
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1987

Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital
Top Doctor, Phoenix Magazine 2014, 2015
Adjunct Faculty Member, Department of Family Practice, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University 1999-present
Chairman, Scottsdale Healthcare Clinical Integration Steering Committee 2011-2012
Chairman, Department of Family Medicine, Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak 2008-2010
Board Member, Arizona State Physician Association 2002-2003
American Osteopathic Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Bickle

from Majia in AZ February 16, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

I've had plenty of very bad experiences with medical professionals over the years. I have a PhD and have high expectations for competence. My family doctor is outstanding because he LISTENS and meets my high expectations for medical competence. Although I distrust the medical industry because of my experiences with incompetence, arrogance and greed, I completely TRUST my doctor. We don… See more

from Bill in AZ February 15, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

I have been a patient of Dr Bickle for many years and I appreciate all the medical care he provides. He is a great listener and spends time to learn about about my personal life and interests. I am fortunate to have good health and one of the reasons is his medical care. I never have a problem getting in to see him and his medical staff are superior. I feel blessed to have him for a Doctor

from Ruth in AZ February 13, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

We have seen Dr.Bickle for over 20 years. He has taken care of Johnnie and I (Ruth) from middle age to old age. We can’t imagine seeing another doctor. He knows how much care we want in our final years. We wanted him to join MDVIP. He was trying to give us all more time than he had available. He was able to calm my husband’s anxiety when no one else could. He is the BEST.
Johnnie and… See more

from Marjorie in AZ February 11, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

Dr. John Bickle or his staff is always available. During office hours, if we call for an appointment, usually we can get in the same day if it is needed. If we have a question, we can call and either Dr. Bickle or his nurse, Michelle, will call back shortly with an answer. But last September on a Sunday morning, Dr. Bickle went above and beyond. My husband woke up with neck pain, head leaning… See more

from Jen in AZ February 11, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

Dr Bickle is always available and responsive. He may not always have all the answers but he has an amazing network of specialists when he or me need more details. He is the one that looks at the big picture. You could say that he is the CEO of my health!

from Mike in AZ February 10, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

Where ever Dr Bickle is in the world he always take the time to take your call and provide the guidance you may need to solve your problems. He gets the help you need by calling other doctors that can help you with your problems. Totally dedicated to his patients. What every it takes he will drop everything even when he is on vacation.

from george in AZ February 10, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

there is no one special time that stands out. Every day he is special as he is available 24/7. He is available at any time to talk or to examine you. you just don't get an answer machine. It is a great feeling to know that he is there if I need him.

from William in AZ February 10, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

Not a specific story, but I wanted to explicitly state that Dr. Bickle has been the best primary care physician I’ve had in my life (I am 71). My interactions with him have always been very relaxed, patient, concerned and informative and his annual checkups have been the most thorough I’ve ever experienced. I was happy and relieved to have been introduced to him after my previous physician was… See more

from Rita in AZ February 10, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

First of all, I am thankful that I can include a MDVIP doctor for my healthcare. My friends that are using alternative or traditional ways of seeing doctors have long wait times I have become spoiled by seeing doctor Bickle when needed. His office is always very friendly and warm, Dr. Bickle listens to what I have to say, and I have to do my best to listen to his advice. As long as I am able… See more

from hioacchino in AZ February 10, 2024 for John Bickle, DO

I’ve been with DR Bickle and MDVIP for years, unfortunately I was more of a reactive patient and would only go see him when I wasn’t feeling well. One recent Sunday I received a call from Dr Bickle asking why I hadn’t followed up on some of the tests he prescribed from the previous years annual physical. My answer to that was I didn’t feel I had to because I seemed to be feeling OK. After… See more