John Valade, MD

Internal Medicine
7640 West Sylvania Avenue Suite M
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John Valade, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My primary focus is to enhance the quality of patients’ lives while also helping to protect them from illness. Good medicine requires comprehensive diagnostics and taking time to listen and develop close doctor-patient relationships. One advantage of my MDVIP practice is it allows me to take all the time I need to listen and care for my patients. Be it in the office, at their house, in the hospital, at a rehabilitation facility, I can personally coordinate their individualized treatment plans.

Dr. Valade's Credentials

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Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, OH
Internal Medicine 1990-1992

Medical School:
Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1989

University of Toledo
Toledo, OH
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering 1984

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
The Toledo Hospital

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from Paul in OH March 13, 2024 for John Valade, MD

Quite a few times my wife has had to call or email Dr. Valade. After reviewing my symptoms by interviewing myself and my wife he would sometimes use face to face on computer, No matter what day or time he always came up with solution. Some time it was simple solutions and other to call 911 and get to hospital.He is the best

from Betty in OH March 10, 2024 for John Valade, MD

I just love Dr.Valade, he cares, he always listens to everything I have to say, he explaines thing so I can understand, he is always there thank you Dr.Valade

from Jan in OH February 15, 2024 for John Valade, MD

Dr John Valade is the most caring, compassionate dr ever. I can’t remember all the times he has come through for me, but I’ll try.
First of all, he always listens. He diagnosed one of my problems just asking what medicines had changed since he had seen me. Turns out my heart dr had put me on a blood pressure medicine to “protect my kidneys. The problem is that I have low blood… See more

from Jude in OH February 12, 2024 for John Valade, MD

I got attached to Dr. Valade when he was a very young doctor, a year or two out of medical school. Now, almost 30 years later we have become more than doctor - patient. I feel a closeness to him and I am sure all of his patients have similar feelings. He and his staff have treated me over these many years with great kindness and respect. I know some of his patients and we all feel he is so… See more

from Larry in OH February 11, 2024 for John Valade, MD

We started going to Dr John Valade in 2000 when our former doctor retired. He is an excellent doctor and is proactive in his treatment. I was having daily headaches and he prescribed a treatment that stopped the headaches. I have not experienced a headache in over two years.. In another case I was suffering from a severe shortage of breath. He took immediate action by ordering a CT Scan to get… See more

from Catherine in OH February 11, 2024 for John Valade, MD
Image provided by: Catherine

Dr. Valade is a great man and a great physician. He patiently addresses my concerns about health matters and happily shares my love of nature. I know that he is there for me and my dear husband who, like me, is so grateful for his medical skills as we move forward in this interesting aging phase of our lives. Thank you Dr. Valade!

from Nan in OH February 11, 2024 for John Valade, MD
Image provided by: Nan

I count my lucky stars to have Dr. John Valade as my “gatekeeper.” I know he had obtained an engineering degree prior to going into the Medical field. Being married to an engineer, i know first hand how very methodical and meticulous they can be. Perfection, or close to perfection, is their aim.

My MVP doctor is considered to me to be my “medical family.” It is so reassuring to… See more

from Lynn in OH January 20, 2024 for John Valade, MD

This fall I was diagnosed with breast cancer-hearing the diagnosis with very little explanation was like getting hit in the side of the head with a brick. My thoughts were scattered everywhere, and I couldn’t come up with a plan to handle my diagnosis, which is very out of character for me. First I prayed, then I texted Dr. Valade, after office hours-he answered, immediately, and talked me… See more

from Robert in OH March 21, 2023 for John Valade, MD

My first VIP Doctor retired. I was referred to Dr. Valade by one of his patients. Right from the beginning, I felt very comfortable in our meetings. At 76 years old, I'm the the oldest living male ever in my family (average age is 69). Family medical history is heart disease. Dr. Valade has scheduled several tests that tells both of us where things are headed. He offers alternatives… See more

from Eric in OH March 21, 2023 for John Valade, MD

Dr Valade saw me with no appointment because I fell and was in intense pain. Did X-rays right then at there,but they were negative. Dawn( Dr. Valade’s medical assistant) Helped me to my car and saw that I was still in in intense pain. On my way home from there,Dr. Valade phoned me and made arrangements for an immediate MRI. Dawn ran out to my car and gave me Dr. Valade’s prescription for the… See more