Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

Internal Medicine
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Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD
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512.50 every 3 months **
1,025.00 every 6 months **
2,050.00 each year **

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

With the experience and structure of the MDVIP wellness model I look forward to giving my patients the very best medical care available. Being prompt with appointment times and giving patients the time they need and deserve is important to me. The ability to answer calls in a timely fashion is essential. I embrace the opportunity to know my patients better and have them partner with me in a wellness program custom fit just for that person. Better healthcare, better outcomes. I am eager to work with those people that appreciate this refreshing improvement and positive approach to medical care.

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Dr. Davis-Seagle's Credentials

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Allegheny General Hospital, Medical College of Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA
Internal Medicine 1990-1993

Allegheny General Hospital, Medical College of Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA

Medical School:
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Doctorate of Medicine 1990

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
Bachelor of Science, Nursing 1981

East Cooper Regional Medical Center 1997-present
Roper Medical Center 1997-2010
Trident Medical Center 1995-1997
Medical University of South Carolina Assistant Professor 1993-1995
Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society
Forrest Lake Rotary Club Scholarship, Academics
Lucy C. Hartnett Scholarship, Academics
National Dean’s List
Moultrie News “Best of the Best” Family Physicians prior award recipient   
East Cooper Regional Medical Center
- Medical Executive Committee 2002-2003, 2012-present
- Peer Review Committee 2012-present
- Performance Improvement Committee, Chair
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association
South Carolina Medical Association
Charleston County Medical Society
South Carolina
Charleston Interfaith Crisis Ministry
- Providing general medical care to adults at the homeless shelters from 1993-1999

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Davis-Seagle

from Bitsi in SC March 20, 2020 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

I have been with Dr. Kimberly Davis-Seagle for about 20 years now. She has taken great care of me all these years! I really love her....I respect her....I admire her for her incredible expertise and her dedication to her patients......and most of all, I trust her. I trust her so much that when she decided to affiliate with MDVIP, I decided to come too! ( even though the financial commitment is… See more

from Jennifer in SC March 19, 2020 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

While traveling in Central Europe, I caught a case of gastroenteritis. After my collapse on our departing airplane, I was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Vienna. Following a long, miserable wait, I was seen by a doctor who did his best to communicate in English that I was to be immediately dismissed to care for myself. Fortunately, my husband was able to quickly book a hotel for our… See more

from Barbara Diane in SC March 15, 2020 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

I work from home so I had many deliveries from my UPS Man. He saw that I stayed sick most of the year and that my health was not good. So he told me about his Dr. which was Dr. Davis-Seagle. He told me that he/his wife/and Mom all went to Dr. Davis-Seagle. So I trusted his judgement, and boy was it the best decision I ever made in my life. Dr. Davis-Seagle and the MDVIP plan are worth… See more

from Robin in SC March 19, 2018 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

Weve been together a long time now KDS. Thank you will never be adequate. You have been the best Dr., advisor and trusted partner I could ever ask for. Joining MDVIP Inc has proved to be a decision that has helped these last few years be as stressless as possible given the changes in our lives and your participation to make our lives happier and more healthy every day. As patients we come to… See more

from Susan in SC March 13, 2018 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

In a day and age where all things are expected to be instantaneous, we find ourselves in an era of hurried demands, hurried schedules, and wearied souls even in the scope of medicine. Our physicians are placed on a never ending hamster wheel of regulations, policies, procedures, and double booked schedules while impatient patients themselves want quick fix medicine. All this leads us to… See more

from Donna in GA March 7, 2018 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

Dr. Davis Seagle has been my doctor for approximately 8 years and I appreciate her so much. In the last year I have moved to Georgia for family reasons, but, I would never stop coming back to Charleston to see my doctor! She is the most brilliant, most comforting, most caring and all-around greatest doctor I have ever had or seen. Thank God for her!!

from Debra in SC March 1, 2018 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

Dr. Seagle is an amazing person and a brilliant physician!! She literally saved my life. When I go into her office, I know I am going to get the best care. She listens and spends time being proactive .i have been her patient since 2000. She is compassionate and inspires everyone who knows her. A true example to the medical profession of what we all want in the person we entrust our lives. She… See more

from Diane in SC February 28, 2018 for Kimberly L. Davis-Seagle, MD

Dr. Davis-Seagle is the best news that ever came into my life. I was told about her by another one of her patients and I decided to join MDVIP. It was worth every penny to be able to have her as my Dr. She is so professional and takes great concern with my health care. She is always available for me when needed unlike any other Dr. in the past. She takes time to listen to the problem and… See more