Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

Internal Medicine
1591 Yanceyville Street Suite 200-A
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Kimberly R. Shelton, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I aim to provide the best medical care possible to all of my patients. By taking the time to partner with you on a personal level, we can treat and overcome health obstacles holistically and effectively. As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I will continue to focus on health promotion, wellness and lifestyle management to affect a positive transformation in the healing process. I am confident that our health goals will be reached with this functional approach.

Dr. Shelton's Credentials

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Moses Cone Hospital
Greensboro, NC
Internal Medicine 1995-1997
Chief Resident 1997-1998

Moses Cone Hospital
Greensboro, NC

Medical School:
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC
Doctorate of Medicine 1994

Duke University
Durham, NC
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1985

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Medical Association
American College of Physicians
North Carolina Medical Society
Greensboro Medical Society
North Carolina

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Shelton

from Mary in NC February 11, 2024 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD
Image provided by: Mary

My doctor is the best one I have ever had
She has the best - bedside
She is so very caring
She makes me feel so comfortable that I can her any and everything
No matter the time day or night I can always speak to my doctor. Her patience with me is so beautiful. Also I pray she will always be in my life - I can depend her when everyone else are caring about thier agenda… See more

from Mary Ellen in NC February 10, 2024 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

From my first visit a few years ago to my most recent last November I’ve felt welcome and cared for by both Dr. Shelton and her staff. She is easy to talk with, listens, and communicates clearly. I actually look forward to going to see my Doctor!

Dr. Shelton always requests multiple tests. Last year, after she reviewed the latest results, she adjusted one of the medicines I’d been… See more

from SHASHANA in NC March 30, 2020 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

My first meeting with Dr. Shelton showed how genuinely helpful and caring she was. I was dealing with the deaths of my mother and sister and had not seen a Doctor in sometime. Dr. Shelton listened to me without interruption and even consoled me as she listened. She helped me to see I needed to heal my body because it had been through great stress, suggested I talk with a grief counselor… See more

from Vondelia in NC March 12, 2020 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

Dr. K.Shelton has one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever met. Her manner is "girl next door". She treats like a neighbor or friend. She is very knowledge and friendly.I would not trade her unless she retires.

from Byron in ND March 18, 2018 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD
User submitted photo

I moved to NC last year and it has been rocky. The one bright spot for me has been meeting and working with Dr. Shelton to keep me healthy through all the rockiness and letting me have the space to be frustrated but keeping me on track with my health goals.

from Mary in NC March 17, 2018 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

Dr. Kimbely Shelton to me and my family has been the very best doctor i have ever encountered on any level. Her caring spirit goes before her, she is what i had imagined a doctor should be. I was introduced to Dr. Shelton back in 1999 when i moved to Greensboro, NC. It doesn't matter where in this united states i may move, she will forever be my primary physician.
Dr Shelton has… See more

from Rosalind in NC March 2, 2018 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

I recently shared with Dr. Shelton about an upcoming trip out of the country that involved a 16 hour plane ride. As I was excited about the trip, I was feeling somewhat apprehensive about a pain in my hip and upper leg I was experiencing. Dr. Shelton immediately gave me treatment that would help relieve the pain during the trip and suggested other therapies that I could follow in the meantime… See more

from Susan in NC February 27, 2018 for Kimberly R. Shelton, MD

I am not sure where to start! I absolutely love Dr. Shelton! She is very caring, thorough, intelligent and covers ALL the bases! I really admire her honesty! She doesn't sugar coat issues! She is a true miracle and in just a few months made a tremendous difference in my life! So thankful to have found her!