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Leslie S. Emhof, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe that practicing medicine is an art. A physician's knowledge, prior experience, insight and technical ability all come together when evaluating and treating patients. As a physician, I believe these concepts are very important.
  • Partnership between physician and patient is critical to developing unique approaches customized to your individual needs and preferences. This requires the patient to be forthright with what is going on in his/her life and the physician to listen carefully to the details.
  • I work with you to guide your path to better health as you make choices about your health habits and behaviors.
  • Self-care is often more important than physician prescribed treatments.
  • In addition to diagnosing and treating, my job is to educate, coach and support.
I don’t just believe in wellness, I try to live it personally and professionally and stay informed of the latest developments in medicine and wellness. I’m not just a physician, I’m a health coach. Become an informed participant in your own health care. This involves more than improving your diet or beginning a long overdue exercise program. It involves partnering with your physician to understand what you – and your own unique body – need to sustain a full and rewarding life.

Dr. Emhof's Credentials

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Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Tallahassee, FL
Chief Resident 1979-1980

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Tallahassee, FL

Medical School:
SUNY Upstate Medical College
Syracuse, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1977

SUNY College of New York
Oneonta, NY
Bachelor of Arts, Physics 1972
New York University
New York, NY
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering 1973

American Academy of Family Physicians
American Board of Geriatric Medicine
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Best Doctors in America
Medical Director, Westminster Oaks Retirement Center 1982-present
Chairman, Family Practice Department, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital 1988-1989
Fellow, American College of Specialists in Geriatrics
Fellow, American College of Ethical Physicians
American Academy of Family Physicians
Florida Medical Director's Association
Capital Medical Society
Institute for Functional Medicine

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Emhof

from Adrienne in FL March 28, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

To make a long story short, I had a wonderful integrative practice before moving to the city I am in now. Three practices have been tried and "fired" because I was either not seeing the same doctor with each visit, or the doctor told me vitamins were making me fat, or the NP was careless about recording tests on my record which had not been performed, or trying to prescribe… See more

from Debra in FL March 23, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Dr. Emhof and his staff have cared for myself, sister, and mother for many years. I have been going to them for 30 years! He and his staff are friendly, pleasant, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Whether we are in town or traveling, they are only a phone call away and address our illnesses immediately. Dr. E is a pleasure to converse with during appointments and his wealth of… See more

from Karen in FL March 16, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Before MDVIP and Dr. Emhof, I used to dread doctor visits. I began to think they were doing more harm than good. It turns out, I was probably right. This is best illustrated by some before and after examples. Before Dr. Emhof and MDVIP, I was on blood pressure medication that made me cough uncontrollably. It interfered with my ability to talk (not a good situation for a trial lawyer).… See more

from James in FL March 14, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Dr. Emhof found I had bronchitis Thursday, February 13th and prescribed a series of medicartions to both make having the disease more comfortable (he and Elizabeth proposed that I sleep with my head elevated. I would have never known to do this, but each night was more bearable during the illness. All is well for myself and Barbara after we both went through this. Thanks for the care given.… See more

from Sylvia in FL March 14, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

We met Dr Emhof as a member of our church and fellow homeschool dad nearly 35 years ago. Through the years our friendship has continued. After having him as our family physician for many, many years, We were the first couple to signup for his MDVIP services. We appreciate the extra in-depth tests he performs as well as the exceptional amount of time he extends to each patient. His knowledge… See more

from William in FL March 11, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

It is so encouraging to finally, at my age, have a real doctor that I have confidence in. Dr. Leslie Emhof is that person. He believes that prevention trumps cure and is slow to reach for the prescription pad. Most importantly he takes time to listen and understand the situation behind an issue. That approach saves a lot of wasted time, money and effort chasing ghosts.

His style… See more

from Dorothy in FL March 11, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD
Image provided by: Dorothy

I moved to Tallahassee in 1982. My sister-in-law, at that time, recommended Dr. Emhof to me for my family. He talks to me and answers my questions. Last
year I experienced chest pains in my lungs. He sent me to get CT Scan. The next day it was worse and sent me to the emergency room. I had blood clots in my lungs. He always is a caring doctor.

from Pete in FL March 10, 2020 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Dr. Emhof spends ample time with me and gives thorough answers to my questions. He has led me to an exercise program that has me gaining muscle and reducing body fat percentage.

from Bruce in FL March 24, 2018 for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Dr. Emhoff has been our family doctor for many years. Not only has he been our physician, he and his wife have also been family friends for several years. Their family has always been an inspiration to my wife and I - simply amazing.

Dr. Emhoff helped us begin our 'wellness' life long before it was the popular route for physicians. During our time of having the privilege of… See more