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Internal Medicine
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Lyndell D. Scoles, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Patient and Personal Wellness begin with a balance of the Physical-Mental-Spiritual self. I became a physician to love, to care, to cry, to listen, to extend my family, to watch healing, and to experience the greatest joys in life. I recognize the unique person that each patient represents. As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I will partner with you on your journey to achieve optimal health. We will collaborate on your path to wellness. You will continue to enjoy the family atmosphere in our office while receiving the individualized attention you deserve.

Dr. Scoles' Credentials

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University of Missouri School of Medicine
Columbia, MO
Internal Medicine 1990-1993

Medical School:
University of Missouri School of Medicine
Columbia, MO
Doctorate of Medicine 1990
Magna Cum Laude

Pittsburgh State University
Pittsburgh, KS
Master's Degree, Biology 1985
Deans Honor Scholar

Missouri Southern State College
Joplin, MO
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1982
Summa Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
Internal Society of Clinical Densitometry
Boone Hospital Center
Top Doctor, Castle Connolly 2022-2024
Inside Columbia’s Medical Guide 2016, Columbia’s Favorite Doctors 2016
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1980-1983
Best Doctors in America (Central Region) 1996-1998, 2004-2013
National Register of Who's Who 2001-2006
Columbia's Top Docs, Inside Columbia 2005
Best Physicians, Consumers Research Council of America 2006
Best Physicians in Columbia, Vox Magazine 2008
Medical Director, Lenoir Reach Unit 2013-2014
Medical Director, Parkside Manor Nursing Home 2008-2012
Medical Director, South Hampton Nursing Home 2005-2011
Boone Hospital Center
- Medical Doctor 1997-2003
- Chief of Internal Medicine 1997-2002
Medical Doctor, Boone Clinic 1994-1997
Medical Director, Alzheimer's Unit, Meadowbrook Manor Nursing Home 1993-1994
Medical Doctor/Medical Director, Lincoln University, Student Health Services (Thompkins Center) 1993-1994
American Society of Internal Medicine
American Medical Association
Southwest Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Scoles

from Donna in MO December 1, 2022 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Dr. Scoles is quite but always listening 👂 Never has he failed to answerr my call when I need him...God gifted him in every way. I owe him my life. He trust my instincts and further takes charge...I sincerely Respect him as my Dr. of Medicine as well as my Confidant and his Judgement...He has a great Love for God, that gives me Security. 

from Patricia in MO July 16, 2021 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Penny Eckles is a star in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician. Penny, Alex and Vicky, are members of Dr. Lyndell Scoles’ team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, work like a professional sports team. Though each player is a specialist they all can, if necessary, depart from their job description to help us.
Penny is… See more

from Gary in MO June 24, 2021 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Vicky Soell is a star on a team of stars in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician, Dr. Lyndell Scoles. Vicky, Alex and Penny, are members of his team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, are like a professional football team. Each player does their part but each can, if necessary, become the quarterback.

From our… See more

from Pamela in MO March 15, 2020 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Dr. Scoles has certainly made a positive difference in my life. I know that he really cares about me, as well as all his patients, and that means a lot to me. He really listens when I talk to him, and he answers my questions without making me feel foolish for asking them. Because I care about my health and want to please him, I really try to make healthy choices in the foods I choose so that… See more

from Roy and Lisa in MO March 10, 2020 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Thankfully we haven't had any great health tragedies in the last year. It's comforting to know that when health issues arise we have a doctor, with support staff, that we both have complete confidence in.

from Doris in MO March 10, 2020 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD
Image provided by: Doris

I can't put into words how much my family has depended on Dr. Scoles for always being available day or night with our health concerns. We treasure him as our doctor and as a good friend. Thank you, Dr. Scoles for all you do for us.

from Robert E in MO March 12, 2018 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Dr. Scoles has consistently given me the advice I need and repeated it when I have not followed it. He has referred me to other specialist physicians when I have needed referrals. On the whole I can't imagine any physician doing a better job of looking after my health.

from Jim in MO March 9, 2018 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

I have great confidence in Dr. Scoles. He and his staff make a wonderful team of professionals. I know that anytime, night, day or weekends, my doctor is available. This group knows me personally, and I feel that I get the best medical care. Thank you, Dr. Scoles, for making my good health your number one priority and for giving me the time necessary to listen perceived medicall needs.

from D&D in MO March 6, 2018 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

I am glad and thankful Dr. Scoles is my doctor because of his sincere care, which has a deep foundation in his love of God. I feel I get more than just excellent scientific perspective on healing. DGM

And I appreciate the personal care, prompt replies, very efficient staff and lack of waiting one finds in todays modern medicine.

In comparison, when going to the Universitys… See more

from Martha in MO March 5, 2018 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

So often we never stop long enough to just say thank you. With all my accidents and even sickness too, I will always be grateful to you for all your caring and help over these many many years. I can't end this message though without thanking everyone in the office too. It is such a delight to show up, visit and work with Vickie and Alex and then know that Penny is just around the corner.… See more

Lyndell Scoles, MD, is based in Columbia, Missouri and one of three local MDVIP-affiliated physicians. Since 2014, Dr. Scoles and two fellow internists have used MDVIP as a means to practice preventive care. Dr. Scoles has designed holistic, customized wellness plans for his primary care… See more