Marc J. Crupie, MD

Family Medicine
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Marc J. Crupie, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your family physician I am reminded daily to appreciate the short nature of our existence. I make a conscious choice to persevere in the face of adversity and draw strength from the unparalleled privilege I have enjoyed entering into the lives of others and affect those lives so profoundly. Yet, to me the greatest reward of medical practice has been my relationship with my patients. I consider my patients extended family and I hope they feel the same. I have tried desperately never to lose sight of the fact that I must remain doggedly engaged, persistently constructive and consummately professional in my life and in the care of my patients. Although the challenges I have faced through the 30 years of practicing medicine are many and substantial, fostering the health and well-being of my fellow men and women is a worthwhile cause. A cause I have given the better part of my life to without regret. We make our lives by what we give, not by what we get.

Dr. Crupie's Credentials

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University of Tennessee, Health Science Center
Memphis, TN
Family Medicine 1985-1987

University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, St. Francis Family Medicine
Memphis, TN

Medical School:
University of Tennessee, Health Science Center
Memphis, TN
Doctorate of Medicine 1984

Memphis State University
Memphis, TN
Bachelor of Science 1979

Methodist Hospital Germantown
Baptist Memorial Hospital East
Baptist Memorial Hospital Collierville
St. Francis Hospital
Recognition Award, American Medical Association
Patient's Choice Award
Top Family Doctor, Consumers Council of America
Lifetime Achievement in Medicine Award, Top Doctor Category, Who's Who 2010
National Leadership Award, National Republican Congressional Committee
Honorary Co-Chairman, Physician Advisory Board, National Republican Congressional Committee
Served on the Healthcare Advisory Committee for President George W. Bush
Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee, Baptist Memorial Hospital East
Peer Review Committee, Methodist Hospital Germantown
Associate Professor, Family Practice Clinical Preceptor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center 1985-Present
American Academy Family Physicians
American Medical Association
Tennessee Medical Academy
Memphis Shelby County Medical Association
Southern Medical Association

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Crupie

from Betty in TN March 11, 2020 for Marc J. Crupie, MD

As my husband and I have matured into our senior years, we have been treated by Dr. Marc Crupie through a number of ailments. He is the most thorough and accurate diagnostician I have ever known. He always knows just what to do to get us back to optimal health and always refers us to the best physicians if our illness requires a specialist. We have 100% confidence in Dr. Crupie. His office… See more

from Glenn September 7, 2019 for Marc J. Crupie, MD

Dr. Crupie comes from generations of doctors. It is not a job for him. It is a calling!
He thinks if you're not in it for the desire truly help your patients then maybe you should reconsider why you have become a doctor. He is hands down the finest doctor I have ever met.

from Jerry March 1, 2019 for Marc J. Crupie, MD

It is good to have a Doctor that knows you and your health history and can be of assistance to you when it isn't convenient. I had one of those instances a few months back, and Dr. Crupie responded and helped me with my problem.
We have been associated now for 20+ years and I wouldn't think of having any one else as my PCP. Jerry

from Margaret in TN March 9, 2018 for Marc J. Crupie, MD
User submitted photo

Ive been a patient of Dr. Crupie for close to 20 years. Hes always been very caring and always done everything he could to give me the very best care. I dont have any complaints. I highly recommend him! ❤️

from Clement in TN March 3, 2018 for Marc J. Crupie, MD

Dr. Crupie: You have had a great impact on my journey in life. Youre commitment to my healthcare is not measurable. I have no doubts that I wouldnt be writing this note today if you didnt care. Besides being a great doctor you are a great friend. In the game of life Im blessed to have you as my doctor. Clement

from David W in TN March 2, 2018 for Marc J. Crupie, MD
User submitted photo

Over the years I have appreciated the care given to myself and my Christyne. Our relationship with Dr Crupie is treasured by us both. Our good quality of our health is because he genuinely cares for his patients. We are thankful for him and the great staff that assist him. Dave and Christyne F.