Marcus L. Griffin, MD

Internal Medicine
1300 North Holopono Street Suite 107
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Marcus L. Griffin, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to healthcare is like a ship and its crew. Each member has their specific job and responsibility. You the patient are the captain of your ship and I am your navigator on this journey to wellness and wellbeing. As your MDVIP-affiliated physician I will be up to date with the current literature and advances in medical care. I believe in a holistic approach to good health to include diet, exercise, supplements and alternative care. Availability to subspecialty care when needed will assure that you will receive the best possible care available. Engaging the patient to be active in their care is vital to success in completing the journey to wellness. As your physician, I will be available to answer questions and give advice. You can expect me to be available to help guide you in times of stormy weather. Respecting you and your time by being efficient and timely will allow us to work as a team to achieve our chosen goals. With my guidance and direction you will have all the tools to make the right decisions as we embark together on this journey to wellness and wellbeing.

Dr. Griffin's Credentials

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The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 1992-1994

The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 1991-1992

Medical School:
Wright State University School of Medicine
Dayton, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1991

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor of Science, Natural Science 1983

Maui Memorial Medical Center
Hale Makua Residential
Miami Valley Health Education Center Award
Dayton Public Schools Career Development Program Award
Maui Memorial Medical Center
- Attending Physician 1994-present
- Treasurer, Executive Committee 2009-present
- Board Member, Peer Review Committee 2009-present
- Chairman, Departments of Medicine, Family Practice and Psychiatry 2009-2011
- Board Member, Credentials Committee 2004-2006
Board Member, HMSA Physician Liaison Committee 1998-2021
Attending Physician, Hale Makua Health Services 2005-present
Independent Contracting for Peer Review, Mountain-Pacific Quality Health 2008-present
Director, Kihei-Wailea Medical Center Free Screening Clinic 2009-present
Clinical Professor, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii 2010-2021
Treasurer, Maui County Medical Society 2008-2010
Community Clinic of Maul
- Board Member 2000-2002
- Staff Physician 1995-1996
President, Student National Medical Association, Wright State University School of Medicine 1990-1991
Liliane Pauyo Scholarship Committee
National Medical Association
American Medical Association
Maul County Medical Society
- Travel/Exotic medicine, Health and Wellness, Weight Management and Geriatric Medicine
- Family time, international travel, ocean kayaking, fishing, camping and reading

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Griffin

from Robert in HI March 17, 2020 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

I was a little skeptical of MDVIP when I first joined the program, but I soon experienced its value. Dr. Griffin was a surprise to me with his easy to get to know personality. I have his cellphone number as well as the office number. Upon my travels to the Boston area from the island of Maui, Hawaii Dr. Griffin was able to get me a confirmed medical appointment. I could have never gotten the… See more

from Tu Anh in HI March 17, 2020 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

Our family is extremely blessed to have Dr. Marcus Griffin as our family’s doctor. My daughters and I each have serious medical issues. Dr. Griffin won our hearts and confidence with his amazing skills, attentiveness and follow through. Dr. Griffin consistently displays in his practice: compassion, understanding, unswerving commitment to excellence, grace, profound wisdom and modesty. He… See more

from Charles in HI March 12, 2020 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

Dr . Marcus Griffin is my Internist here on Maui, Hawaii. He is a very caring and kind person and his bedside manner is one of calmness but yet thorough in terms of diagnoses. He is very patient to prescribe proper medication and always follows up. Being that he gives out his cell phone and says to call anytime if you have immediate concerns gives me great comfort. His staff is first class and… See more

from Marsha in HI March 13, 2018 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

My husband has diabetes 2 and both of us need to lose 40 or more pounds. When his A1C became very high Dr. Griffin told us it was lose weight or start injecting insulin. We said how can we lose the weight, he said he uses a low carb diet. So we went on a low carb diet. That was in October. My husband now weighs less than at any time that I've known him and he looks wonderful. I have… See more

from NANCY in MO March 5, 2018 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

Dr Griffin, David and I are so happy to have found you ! After spending 6 mos a yr on Maui for the last 20 yrs we finally have a doctor we can have confidence in should needs arise. Your tests have found things about us that needed medication . You prescribed and we are feeling so much better this last 2 yrs . Thanks for being there for us and giving usthe peace of mind that being away from… See more

from Robert in HI March 2, 2018 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

Dr Griffin has always been there when I needed him. Before a trip to the east coast, he met me at his office at 8 am to take some stitches out. Great service and is always available. He gives me access to great medical care which is so important in Maui, Hawaii.

from Ronald in HI March 1, 2018 for Marcus L. Griffin, MD

As I chronologically age, my goal is to grow biologically younger. My patient/doctor partnership with Dr. Griffin has been critical in achieving that goal. He knows me well. Doctor visits throughout the year, supplemented by the thorough MDVIP annual lab tests, identify aging challenges, and address issues at their earliest stage. Rapid response telephone conversations are a key factor as… See more

Dr. Marcus Griffin, a Kihei native physician, was featured in The Maui News regarding his newly opened Maui Wellness Medical Center. After more than two decades of practicing internal medicine at the Kihei-Wailea Medical Center, Dr. Griffin is now at the helm of the new clinic, where he… See more