Margaret S. Lunt, MD

Internal Medicine
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Margaret S. Lunt, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

After being in private practice for almost 20 years as an internal medicine physician, I believe it is my job to help people achieve optimal health and wellness through knowledge, experience and compassion. Instead of pushing people through the system to meet the demands of volume based medicine, I hope to create an atmosphere with MDVIP where the patient and I can collaborate to make important diagnoses, tailor treatment plans and make reasonable lifestyle adjustments to improve the overall quality of life, despite the age or underlying medical condition.
My MDVIP-affiliated practice, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, focuses on chronic medical conditions including hypertension, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. I also have a special interest in geriatrics, women’s health, integrative health and prevention. I like to focus on nutrition and exercise as a means to improve overall health and mental well- being, in addition to treating chronic conditions. As a primary care physician affiliated with Saint Marks Hospital and a part-time contractor with Utah Regional Hospitalists, I hope to provide excellent medical care in a personalized manner.

Dr. Lunt's Credentials

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University of Utah Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT
Internal Medicine 1996-1998

University of Utah Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Medical School:
University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Albuquerque, NM
Doctorate of Medicine 1995

University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature 1990
Magna Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
St. Mark's Hospital
Intermountain Medical Center
Utah Regional Hospitalists
Cerumen Occlusion Lowers Infrared Tympanic Membrane Temperature Measurement. Academy of Emergency Medicine. Dozema D, Lunt, M, Tandberg, D. 1995; 2 (1): 17-9.
American College of Physicians
Utah Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Lunt

from B Sue in UT April 2, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

It has been so nice to have a doctor who is so thorough and so supportive of me and my health. It's great to have someone who is so understanding and gives me her genuine and helpful advice. Doctors that I have gone to in the past have been dismissive and in a hurry. I really appreciate Dr. Lunt's wonderful care and consider a good friend.

from Pam in UT March 25, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

I have been going to Dr. Margaret Lunt for many years. I can honestly say that she is one of THE best doctors I’ve ever had - and I’ve had a lot of doctors! It’s not easy to find competent and compassionate doctors, especially when you’re suffering from a chronic disease for 50+ years. But Dr. Lunt is just that - competent and compassionate. I know that she genuinely cares about me because she… See more

from Doris in UT March 17, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

Dr. Meg is the best doctor I have ever had! From my initial visit 7 years ago, she has made me feel that she cares about me and wants to do whatever she can to improve my health. She is kind, attentive, caring, and very knowledgeable. She is very easy to talk to and takes whatever time necessary to answer my questions, I have always felt that I could talk to her about any issue and she would… See more

from Rebecca S in UT March 13, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

Imagine a platter filled with Twinkies and in the center there is a singular eclair, Dr. Margaret Lunt is certainly the tempting eclair. She stands out with rich, valid information and her presentation is soft, real and very palatable. She treats everyone with respect, caring kindness and takes the time to make sure you understand a viewpoint. On a recent well check visit with Dr. Lunt I let… See more

from Lynda in UT March 10, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD
Image provided by: Lynda

My husband and I were both patients of Margaret Lunt. MD. In 2009 he died suddenly. The day that his obituary appeared in the
newspaper, she called me unexpectedly that morning. I was in an expected deep and painful emotional state. I was sitting on
the couch just wondering what had happened and how I was to proceed. The phone rang and I answered to hear Margaret there
See more

from Laurie in UT February 27, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

I've dedicated my entire career to working in the Physician Staffing Industry; and, have been privileged to know some great physicians. It's safe to say, Dr. Lunt is in a league of her own.

I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Lunt as my Primary Care Provider for years now (honestly, I can't remember how many)! Having been healthy in my younger years, I did not… See more

from Julie in UT February 20, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

I am grateful for Dr Lunt. First, she is a practitioner who cares and takes the time with me. She investigates my issues and learns about the best way to treat the issues that I have. It's important to me that Dr. Lunt is a learner who is open to more knowledge. I love that she is open-minded about different ways for healing and supports rather than criticizes the ways I use to heal. She… See more

from Carroll in UT February 15, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Lunt for twenty five years plus. What makes her so “special” is that she cares about you to the nth degree. When you meet with her for a personal appointment, I have never had a physician that listens like her. She genuinely puts her “heart” into your care. I have also text her and no matter what the situation, she responds within 5-10 minutes. As I grow older,… See more

from Brenda in UT February 13, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD
Image provided by: Brenda

Margaret Lunt truly cares about me and all her patients, that’s who she is! A very caring person who wants to do the best she can.

from Ralph in UT February 12, 2024 for Margaret S. Lunt, MD

Dr. Lunt helped to save/prolong my life by catching my cancer early enough that it was treated and now I am cancer free. Because of her checking and watching my symptoms and blood test I was able to get the radiation treatment before it spread further and would have ended my life painfully too early. She is a very compassionate and caring doctor. She remembers things in general about us and… See more

Salt Lake City is now home to two new MDVIP-affiliated primary care practices, adding to its local network of five other MDVIP affiliates. Joining the network are Dr. Stephen S. Aslami and Dr. Margaret S. Lunt.… See more