Maria S. Blahey, MD

Family Medicine
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Maria S. Blahey, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe that the practice of medicine is an art. A physician's knowledge, prior experience, insight and technical ability all come together when evaluating and treating patients. The importance of compassion and dedication cannot be overemphasized. I believe my patients deserve the best.

Dr. Blahey's Credentials

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Royal Alexandra Hospital/University of Alberta Medical School
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

University of Alberta Medical School
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Medical School:
McMaster University Medical Center
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Doctorate of Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine
American Board of Hospice and Palliative Care
College of Family Physicians, Canada

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Blahey

from MMarMMaryMMarMMary in TX March 15, 2020 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

I first met Dr. Blahey when I was working at the local hospital. I was so impressed with her interactions with her patients and families that I asked her if she was taking patients. She said "Yes" which has led to the most awesome relationship I've ever had with a doctor. Dr. Blahey listens and shows interest in every aspect of my life. I am totally comfortable taking with her about anything.… See more

from Paula in TX March 15, 2020 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

I love Dr Blahey! I miss Dr Blahey! She is the most caring doctor I've ever met! Her staff is wonderful! They have literally saved my life!

from Belinda in LA March 11, 2020 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

She always greets me like an old friend. She is the best doctor ever!

from Caroline in TX March 10, 2020 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

Dr. Blahey has been my Dr. for over 30 yrs. long before MDVIP, She has always been carrying and ready to listen when I’ve had problems, I know I can get in to see her when I call and when I text she gets back ASAP.
I appreciate her and her staff!!!

from Kay in TX March 17, 2018 for Maria S. Blahey, MD
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I was one of Dr Blaheys first patients. From that first visit I knew I had found my doc! I have followed her to 5 different offices so that should say something. Nowadays you just arent able to have a relationship with your doc. I feel she knows me. The real me. She always has time to ask about my family and talks about hers. I never feel rushed out. I love her staff also. Tanya is the best. I… See more

from Olan in TX March 14, 2018 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

Dr. Blahey is a true listener and cares about her patients, not only their physical but mental needs as well. A very caring person with little patience for stupid actions or non actions. Dedicated and knowledgeable and willing to try different methods for obtaining success for her patients. My wife and I both think that she is the best physician and a wonderful person.

from Kristen in TX March 7, 2018 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

I love Dr. Blahey and her staff. I appreciate the fact that they go the extra mile to make you feel special and they really care about you. Dr. Blahey takes the time to sit and talk to you and truly listens.

from Faye in TX March 2, 2018 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

Dr. Blahey has been my Primary Care Physician for a very long time...long before she became a MDVIP doctor. Her compassionate, caring, conservative but watchful care for myself and now my sister-in-law has been and is greatly appreciated beyond my ability to describe adequately. Now 75 years young with more days behind me than ahead, my hope is that she will be with me until my time is done… See more

from Donna in TX March 1, 2018 for Maria S. Blahey, MD

I have been with Dr. Blahey for more than 20 years. When she decided to go with MDVIP there was no question that I would continue with Dr. Blahey.

She has always been compassionate and knowledgeable about her career and patients.

I have many stories about Dr. Blahey. She has always been available and continues until she resolves the situation

Now with MDVIP she has more… See more