Martin J. Weiss, MD

Internal Medicine
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Martin J. Weiss, MD
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512.50 every 3 months
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2,050.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy is to practice “Old-Fashioned Medicine” using today’s technology. My Goal is to treat all patients as family and to be there at all times providing them with a pathway to better health.

Dr. Weiss' Credentials

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Baptist Memorial Hospital
Memphis, TN
Transitional Residency 1998-1999
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis, TN
Internal Medicine 2000-2002

Medical School:
East Tennessee University - James H. Quillen College of Medicine
Johnson City, TN
Doctorate of Medicine 1998

Memphis State University
Memphis, TN
Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance 1989
Magna Cum Laude

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Memphis
Methodist Hospitals
Saint Francis Hospital - Memphis
VA Hospitals - Memphis
Research Assistant, James H. Quillen College of Medicine 1997
Preceptor Tony Katras, MD. Studied the benefits of performing a carotid endarterectomy using local anesthesia versus general anesthesia.
Tennessee Medical Association
Memphis Medical Society
Golf, running marathons and playing drums

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Weiss

from Elizabeth in TN April 4, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

I’m very pleased that I became a member of MVIP. I have been very satisfied with the program and especially with my doctor, Dr Martini Weiss. I’m an older person and Dr. Weiss is very supportive and kind. He is very dedicated to his profession. I am very grateful to be one of his patients.

from Jo in TN April 3, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

I can't recall any moment that is more special than another one. There has never been a time that I felt my concerns were disregarded or dismissed because I am a female patient. Dr. Weiss listens and he makes it is easy for me to ask questions concerning my health. Okay, I need to take that back. There has never been one moment that he has'nt shown a concern for my welfare. On 11/… See more

from Mario in TN March 12, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

First let start by saying that I am 45 years old with a history of high blood pressure which runs throughout my family, in my lifetime I have been to numerous doctors some were good and some were eh ok but none seemed to get my blood pressure under control. Upon looking for a new doctor my father recommended that I see his doctor he told me how his doctor managed to get his blood pressure… See more

from Debbie in TN March 10, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

Dr. Weiss has been my doctor for a number of years. Typically I go in for the routine physical without too many issues. Last year I was waking up feeling anxious and out of sorts. This went on for a week or so before I sought help. It was hard to explain. I just knew I was not myself. He ran tests, and did an EKG. Everything was in normal range. We finally sorted it out with drug tweaks. I… See more

from Susan in TN February 18, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

No matter when or where, Dr. Weiss is always there for me and my husband. Whenever I need help for a problem, he is always there to help, just a phone call away. When I need referrals to specialists, he is always there to get me in quickly. When my husband passed out while we were out of town, he was always there, offering to drive out of town to be there, calling and getting all his tests… See more

from Michael in AR February 18, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD
Image provided by: Michael

My wife and I were Dr. Weiss patients prior to his involvement with MDVIP. He has always seemed very interested in us and our wellbeing. I feel he is more friend than just our Dr. my wife passed away last September. I plan to continue being Dr. Weiss patient although he is 120 miles away from me. I plan to walk The Camino de Santiago de Compostela this Summer and I am relying heavily on… See more

from Jo in TN January 18, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

Several weeks before November 7 I was treating myself for what I thought was asthmatic bronchitis but I was so very mistaken. Sunday, November 5th I couldn't get my breath and I was very tired. Monday, November 6th, I made an appointment because I knew something was going on beside bronchitis. Dr. Martin Weiss's nurse Anna Marie got me seen in the office November 7. After examining… See more

from Barbara in TN January 18, 2024 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

My doctor, Dr. Martin Weiss, is a doctor that not only has compassion, he always responds to my calls even if it is on the weekend. For instance, his father passed away recently. I was unaware of this but needed to contact him on the weekend. He called me back within 20 or 30 minutes and told me he had just gotten home from his father's funeral. To me, that was unbelievable. He immediately… See more

from Elizabeth in TN March 26, 2020 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

When my former Doctor retired, my nurse referred me to Dr. Martin Weiss. After a few visits I was asked to join the MVIP plan. This has proven to be the best plan for me. I’m very happy and satisfied with this plan and especially with Dr. Weiss. Dr. Weiss is a very passionate and caring person. I appreciate all you do in caring for us. We know you are there to give us the best medical advice.… See more

from Debbie in TN March 15, 2020 for Martin J. Weiss, MD

Love being able to call Dr.Weiss’s office and someone actually answers the phone and they DO get back to me about my questions and needs. The personal attention is so unusual and I love the concept. I feel my Dr. listens and is never in a rush. Fortunately I don’t have any serious health issues but if I do I’m feel comforted knowing I’ll be taken care of.