Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
169 North Middletown Road
Pearl River, NY 10965 Get Directions
Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

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Annual Membership Fee

432.50 every 3 months *
865.00 every 6 months *
1,730.00 each year *
*The lab portion of the annual MDVIP Wellness Program will be billed to patients directly by the lab company at the discounted rate of $70.

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I treat my patients as I would want my own family to be treated. In my practice, medical decisions are made together, and care is always individualized and provided with respect, compassion and in a highly professional manner and welcoming atmosphere. 

My internal medicine private practice in Pearl River, New York has a strong focus on preventive care with extensive wellness counseling. In addition to focusing on prevention and wellness, I also manage acute and chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity treatment. As a private doctor, I am available to my patients for urgent issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My MDVIP-affiliated practice also offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices. 

My practice serves Rockland County, including New City, Piermont, Nyack, Montebello and Suffern and is also close to Montvale and Park Ridge in Bergen County, New Jersey. I also care for patients at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center and Nyack Hospital. I am the only female internist in Rockland County offering this comprehensive approach to outpatient and inpatient medical care. 

My passion as an experienced primary care physician, with over 25 years in practice, is to get to know my patients extraordinarily well, so we “leave no stone unturned”. All of my patients have the ability to participate in their care, and together, we create a customized action plan to help them effectively attain their goals. I am thrilled to partner with my patients to help them enjoy the best health possible. I am happy to meet with you in my office to discuss your healthcare needs or the needs of a family member or friend.

Dr. Leder's Credentials

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Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx, NY
Internal Medicine 1993-1995

Montefiore Medical Center
Bronx, NY
Internal Medicine 1992-1993

Medical School:
State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1992

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1982

American Board of Internal Medicine
Bale Doneen Endorsed Provider
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Montefiore Nyack Hospital
Highest Scoring Physician, Internal Medicine/Family Practice, Clinical Excellence Review, Montefiore Medical Group 2000, 2001, 2002
Outstanding House Officer, Montefiore Medical Center 1995
Elected, Associate Member, Sigma Si, Scientific Research Society 1989
Assistant Professor of Medicine, New York Medical College
Attending Physician, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Attending Physician, Montefiore Nyack Hospital
Medical Director, Medical Arts Pavilion, Montefiore Medical Group 1998-2003
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
- Assistant Professor of Medicine 1999-2005
- Instructor of Medicine 1995-1999
Fellow, American College of Physicians
Attending Physician and Member of the Medical Executive Committee, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

New York

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Leder

from Peter in NY March 20, 2023 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr. Leder and Lisa are on the money when taking care of their patients. The office is clean and the staff go over a through exam while taking care of one patient at a time . And the office responds with in a day or 2 if you need something that has to be done. There are very good Doctors out there and Dr. Leder is definitely one of them..

from Maureen in NY October 16, 2022 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr. Michelle Leder is amazing. She is extremely thorough and is a great diagnostician. She spends lots of time with each patient and always remains calm. She has led me through a difficult time, and is my hero!

from Everett October 18, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr. Michele Leder took me into her practice when she heard of my difficulties in getting responsive care to my Melanoma..She immediately contacted the Oncology Surgeon's Office and got the process of testing and appointments, moving. She insisted that I get a second opinion at Sloan Kettering in Manhattan, NY and made the necessary arrangements. She continued to actively follow the… See more

from Allyne October 17, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr Leder went above and beyond what any other doctor has ever done for me. This past summer I was not feeling well and after hearing my symptoms Shesuggested I go to the ER. After having a cat scan and having 3 different dr opinions. I was unsure what to do. Dr Leder got in touch with a dr she felt could help and had him go to the ER to look at my scans. He made a diagnosis and I was scheduled… See more

from Ed in FL March 28, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

My Dad are I are both happily enrolled in Dr. Leder's MDVIP practice. What stands out the most, amongst so many incredible qualities she demonstrates, is the level of personalized attention she gives to her patients when coordination of care is needed with specialists.

Recently, my Dad was diagnosed with melanoma and the level of stress and anxiety this created for him and our… See more

from Gail in NY March 17, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr. Leder is very intuitive and knows exactly when and when not to hospitalize a patient. Dr. Leder received my laboratory results late at night, contacted me immediately and arranged for me to be seen in the Emergency Dept,be admitted, coordinated my immediate care with a hematologist where I received numerous blood tests and blood transfusions. She consistently treats patients as if they are… See more

from Josianne in NY March 4, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

I have been with Dr. Michele Leder for almost twenty years and could never see myself putting my health in anyone else's hands. Dr. Leder has always taken the time to be with her patients and make them feel special, well-taken care of, as though you are the only patient that exists in that moment. Dr. Leder is one of the only doctors that I know of in the county who still goes to the… See more

from Luke in NY March 3, 2018 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

How do you put into words, a story that is ALL about the heart?

It's worth a try because others need to know just how lucky and blessed my wife and I are to have Dr. Leder and her team in our lives.

My beautiful wife had been a patient of Dr Leder's for several years. Right from the beginning, my wife got care and treatment far above the level of service other… See more

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