Regina M. Wright, MD

Family Medicine
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Regina M. Wright, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your family physician, I specialize in delivering holistic care to my patients. In my practice you will never be just a “lung problem” or “diabetes”. My goal has always been to treat my patients as I would want to be treated as a patient.

As an MDVIP-affiliated physician, I look forward to working personally with you to optimize your medical and overall well-being in the way that it should be - in a caring, safe and non-rushed atmosphere. I also enjoy exploring alternative medicine options, such as herbal therapies, acupuncture and even hypnotherapy.

I have been living in Gilbert since 1995. I am a veteran, have worked on the Navajo Reservation for eight years and have been privileged to serve on a mission trip to Lesotho, Africa. I am happily married with two grown children and an ever changing menagerie of pets. I enjoy gourmet cooking, travel, reading and beating my husband in Scrabble.

Dr. Wright's Credentials

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Hunterdon Medical Center, Robert Wood-Johnson
Flemington, NJ
Family Medicine 1986-1989

Medical School:
University of Virginia Medical School
Charlottesville, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

Douglass College-Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences 1980
Honors Research

American Board of Family Medicine
English only
Unit Commendation Award, Outstanding Service Beyond Public Health Service Requirements, Family Medicine Department 1990
Public Health Service Citation Medal 1990
Diplomate, American Academy of Family Practice
American Academy of Family Physicians
Travelling to exotic locales, gourmet cooking, tai chi and reading

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Wright

from Elizabeth in AZ April 4, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD
Image provided by: Elizabeth

Based on my MRI brain image, my neurologist referred me for a blood patch to relieve my spinal fluid leak symptoms in 2021. He stated I could have three patches over a period of time if required to restore my health. The patch worked until now, 2024. In order to receive another patch I needed to get another MRI and referral from my neurologist to the SFL specialist. The only problem was it… See more

from Ruth in AZ March 18, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD
Image provided by: Ruth

Dr. Regenia Wright I have been with you for many years and feel safe, protected and care for. I sincerely appreciate your personal care and concern for my welfare. I have come to love you as a personal friend. So does my family, my baby son is so proud that I have a wonderful Doctor. . One defining moment was when you told me about my cancer, you were so tender with me and let me talk on and… See more

from Debra in AZ March 12, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr. Regina Wright has been my doctor for several years. She is caring and takes an interest in my personal life as well as taking care of my many medical issues. My health is like a puzzle and Dr. Wright helps to put all of the puzzle pieces together to make me whole. She is truly a loving, caring and wonderful person.

from Diane in AZ February 16, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr. Wright is a loving, caring, sincere doctor. She is available whenever I need anything and always helpful. She gives her full attention when I meet with her and explains everything carefully.
I have been a patient of Dr. Wrights for many, many years and really appreciate her caring attitude. I have been very satisfied with her and her staff.
Thank you Dr. Wright for everything… See more

from Cynthia in AZ February 11, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

I met Dr. Wright when my Dr. retired. At the time I had a spot on my lung that he said we would address in three months. I was scared beyond belief as I had pre cancerous cells in 1984 causing the removal of my uterus. Cancer runs in my Mothers side of the family and we lost her due to ovarian cancer. When I met Dr. Wright I told her of my concerns and unlike most Dr.s she was very aware of my… See more

from Ann in AZ February 10, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

I was so lucky to find Dr. Wright as a Primary Doctor over 20 years ago before she joined MDVIP. I always felt confident she cared about my health, plus she always listened to my questions and answered them :)
Once she joined the MDVIP program, I was ready to join to ensure I could still get her spectacular quality of care.
I am so thankful Dr. Regina Wright has been my health… See more

from Mary Ellen in AZ February 10, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr. Wright is the most caring doc I have ever known. She is compassionate and determined to help her patients improve their health. When I started out in the MDVIP structure with her, we did the bloodwork and general health reviews. She probably saw more than a dozen things I needed to improve. What she did was to tell me about 3 things I could do to make an improvement. They were things… See more

from Katherine in AZ February 10, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

DR. Regina Wright has been my physician since I moved to AZ. In Sept. 2018.
She actively listens and hears me when I speak.
I love that she shares her personal photos and experience when it relates to me.
DR. Wright is very kind, caring, honest, loving physician.
I was never a hugger and have always felt uncomfortable with hugging. However I look forward to my doctor’s… See more

from Leslie in AZ February 10, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr. Regina Wright is amazing. I was lucky enough to come to meet her when my physician retired. Both my husband Mick and I became her patients. Since Mick's passing, I have found her, Milton and Sharon to be so compassionate and kind whenever I have an appointment. She is so supportive and goes out of her way to explain lab results in a way I can understand, and is willing to take… See more

from Susan in AZ January 29, 2024 for Regina M. Wright, MD

Dr. Wright is always interested in giving you the most up to date info and advise to live your best life. She gives the best hugs ever which makes your day!!