Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine
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Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My primary care practice emphasizes a mutually productive relationship between my patients and me. I believe the most effective healthcare is delivered when the patient receives a prompt response by the physician who knows them best along with the clinical technology that complements close examination and assessment.

My MDVIP-affiliated practice offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices. I partner with my patients to review and discuss the results in detail and outline a comprehensive plan of action. This process is especially designed to help better identify earlier signs of cardiovascular and other underlying diseases. We have sufficient clinical insight and study results to help our patients better avoid stroke, heart attack and peripheral vascular disease. With sufficient pursuit and diagnostic evaluation, we should also be able to identify the development of other underlying illnesses so that earlier detection can increase the likelihood of optimal management.

After 43 years of conventional practice in Tempe, Arizona, I believe the MDVIP model of personalized medical care serves the interest of each patient as we partner to encourage the best from each other. 


 It is important, now more than ever, to have a primary care doctor who has the time and resources to care for you personally and proactively. Watch this video to hear more.

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Dr. Bloomberg's Credentials

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Georgetown University Hospital
Washington, DC
Internal Medicine 1977-1979

Hamilton General Hospital, McMaster University Health Sciences System
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Internal Medicine 1979-1980
Chief Resident

Georgetown University Hospital
Washington, DC

Medical School:
McMaster University, School of Medicine
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Doctorate of Medicine 1976

University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
PhD, Biochemistry 1973

Sir George Williams University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry 1969

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Fellow, Royal College of Physicians
Banner Desert Medical Center
Banner Gateway Medical Center
English and French
American College of Physicians
Maricopa County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Bloomberg

from Jamez in AZ April 3, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

Dr Bloomberg has been critical in the past years in discovering a number of my personal, difficult to diagnose, health problems. His persistence, care and competence are outstanding. I can say the I have no more respect for any medical professional I have ever known. Dr Bloomberg is the top of his profession.

from Donna in AZ March 11, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

Re: Robert J. Bloomberg ,MD, PhD
I am very grateful to have a doctor and this very dedicated to his patients and profession. During a visit last week with his R N, I mentioned a couple of my
concerns, at the end of the day he called with an explanation and recommendations. The fact I can verbally contact him is a BLESSING, every one else
wants you to go on line or text… See more

from Kristine in AZ February 13, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

I moved to AZ without knowing who my Dr would be. Dr Robert Bloomberg was recommended to me. He is great at supporting me, and listening to me. He really knows his medicine and is old fashined enough to not just follow the advice of the AMA. 

from Mamballykalathil N in AZ February 11, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

1. Dr. Robert Bloomberg, my PCP, has consistently provided me with the best and the most accurate medical diagnoses right from the beginning starting in the year 1989 when I met him and chose him after I consulted my friends at Honeywell International where I have worked for about 35 or so years since. I felt thence that I could rely on him, and on occasions he would send me to the experts… See more

from Robert in AZ February 10, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

During July 2023 I started fainting for no apparent reason. I contacted your office and got a call from you on a Saturday morning setting up an appointment for Monday. We weren't able to immediately diagnose what was causing it, the fainting continued into August, with a four day visit in the hospital, where a cardiologist took the lead. You took it upon yourself to contact the… See more

from Ruth in AZ February 10, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

Dr. Robert Bloomberg has been my physician for over twenty years. It's a given that he is very smart, does research on everything to lead the pack in knowledge - based diagnosis or medicines prescribed. Beyond that, he is unfailingly polite, concerned, gentle and in all ways an exemplary human being. I believe I'm lucky to have him overseeing my health as I age as does my family.

from Larry in AZ February 10, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

When I had covid he saved my life, he didn't send me to hospital but treated me in his office. That's the kind of doctor he is and will always be

from Michael in AZ January 21, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD
Image provided by: Michael

I am new to MDVIP but familiar with concierge doctors as I had engaged a high end concierge physician 10 years ago. That experience saved my life. The cost was $11,000 per year. After a couple of years I just couldn’t cost justify the expense. That is when I heard about MDVIP. Unfortunately at the time, I could not find a doctor in my area.

That changed spring of 2023 when I signed up… See more

from Diane in AZ January 18, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

As we age, having a good relationship with our primary care provider makes all the difference in how we approach our changing health challenges. Dr. Robert Bloomberg understands the importance of keeping tabs on issues that are troubling. He listens and then discusses the treatment options available. If new medication is prescribed there is usually a follow up visit to monitor the results.… See more

from Larry in AZ January 18, 2024 for Robert J. Bloomberg, MD, PhD

I was feeling very under for over week I knew something wasn't right as I usually recovered in a few days. So I went to Dr Bloomberg, He listened, concentrated knew something was serious. After a while he ordered some tests. Couple of days later the nurse called and said I had hooping cough. I am in my mid 80s with this what I considered a childhood disease We chatted he… See more