Russell N. Neibaur, MD

Internal Medicine
2450 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 150
Henderson, NV 89052 Get Directions
Russell N. Neibaur, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My approach to healthcare is mostly conventional, but I also realize that all people are unique. There is no cookie cutter when it comes to patient care. A physician is more than a technician; he is someone who listens and counsels his patients. He gets to know the family and the dynamics of that individual. I take my title as healer seriously and throughout the years I have honed my skills. I love practicing medicine and hope to do so for many years to come.

Dr. Neibaur's Credentials

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University Medical Center
Las Vegas, NV
Internal Medicine 1985-1987

Maricopa Medical Center
Phoenix, AZ
Transitional Internship 1984-1985

Medical School:
University of Nevada
Reno, NV
Doctorate of Medicine 1984

University of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV
Bachelor of Science, Psychology 1980
Graduate of High Distinction

American Board of Internal Medicine
St. Rose Hospital (Sienna & De Lima)
Consumers' Checkbook Top Doctor, Vegas Seven 2011, 2013
Las Vegas Life Magazine, Top Doctors of Las Vegas 2002
215 South Magazine, 10 Best Physicians 2005
Faculty, Touro University Nevada
Post-faculty, University of Nevada School of Medicine
American Medical Association
American College of Physicians

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Neibaur

from Janice in NV April 3, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

When you find what works, you stick with it! That’s our philosophy for sticking with Dr. Neibaur— willing to spend the extra money bc it’s all worth the investment to be able to have a doctor who you know is good, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, easy to get into, will come see you in hospital just to say hi, hv a nurse staff who act on your request in a timely manner….and any other reason to… See more

from Timothy in NV March 15, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

Both my wife and I appreciated Dr Neibaur's attention to detail. He shares his vast experience to help us remain healthy. When we needed specialist he referred us to the best in the business. He happens to be the best in the business. Thank you 

from caC in NV February 21, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

My husband, my family—daughter, husband, and myself—have been in Dr. Neibaur‘s care for several years. He is a knowledgeable, great doctor, and has always been able to solve our medical issues. Not long ago when my brother was diagnosed with fourth stage brain cancer I had occasion to go in and see Dr. Neibaur for an issue of my own. When he walked in, he took one look at me and said what’s… See more

from Sharon in NV February 18, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

He is A-One. He is very knowledgeable! He can figure out everything. He is compassionate and kind. His staff is the best. Everything is wonderful at his practice.

from JANICE in NV February 11, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

We have both been with Dr. Neibaur for around 30 years now. I cannot write about a particular occurrence, because its not just one problem that he has handled, its a slew of them over the years. He happens to be a very good diagnostician. Docs easy going manner is part of what makes him so great. And being with MDVIP is great. Yes, it does cost a fair amount every year, but I'm thinking… See more

from KATHLEEN in NV February 11, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

My weight loss situation has gone on for many years with no success. I was once a thin girl but through the years, I've packed on the pounds. I gave up smoking several times and with each try, I gained 20 pounds. Then I found the Food Network in 1998, the month and year my dad passed away, and I was in hog heaven. Watching all those cooks make such fabulous foods with that, I gained… See more

from Thomas in NV February 11, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

I started with Russ a number of years ago and from that first meeting we have become good friends. His advice and counsel in the medical field has served me well and more importantly his friendship. Typically I am reserved about sharing my deep feelings and issues but I feel that I do that with Russ. And his responses have always been spot on regarding those issues and concerns. I am… See more

from Dennis and Margaret in NV January 30, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

Our names are Dennis M. Duray, age 85, and Margaret A. Duray, age 84 (85 in 10 days)
We have been a patient of Dr. Russell Neibaur for over 20 years. We were his patients before he joined MDVIP. We worried when he announced becoming a Concierge Doctor that he would be limiting his gifts as a doctor to only those who could afford him. His answer was he wanted to make a difference and… See more

from Tracy in NV January 18, 2024 for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

My husband and I have been patients for several years and our healthcare is one area of our lives we get to rest assured on.

Dr. Neibaur is kind, warm, incredibly patient, and truly listens to us. His knowledge and expertise are second to none, and we trust him with our lives.

Thank you Dr. Neibaur for the positive impact you make daily on people's lives, especially when we… See more