Saman Lashkari, MD

Internal Medicine
18840 Ventura Boulevard Suite 207
Tarzana, CA 91356 Get Directions
Saman Lashkari, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I aim to be each of my patients advocate and to work with them individually to help them reach their health goals. My MDVIP practice gives me the necessary time to be detailed and thorough and focus on cardiovascular prevention and ensuring that all my patients are up to date on all their routine health maintenance needs on an annual basis. With new and improved tests including the Cleveland heart panel and non-invasive testing to screen for earliest signs of arterial thickening, I am able to have a more personalized focus on each of my patients and help them reduce their cardiovascular risk. I look forward to getting to know each of my patients on a personal level as I believe it allows me to better take care of them. My own personal interests include physical fitness and healthy nutrition and I enjoy sharing my experiences with my patients and getting them to be more proactive and involved with exercise and healthy eating. I see all of my own patients in the hospital setting and in rehab facilities and if need be, perform home visits as well on my home-bound patients. I enjoy organizing walks and exercise related events for my patients to help them get more motivated and involved in their health-care. I also have a geriatric background having completed a fellowship at UCLA and this helps me utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to keep my elder patients out of the hospital and to try to keep them as young as possible.

Dr. Lashkari's Credentials

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University of California
Los Angeles, CA
Nephrology 1997-1998
Geriatric 1998-1999
Renal Transplantation 1999-2000

University of California
Los Angeles, CA

University of California
Los Angeles, CA

Medical School:
University of California
Los Angeles, CA
Doctorate of Medicine 1994

University of California
Riverside, CA
Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Sciences 1990

Tarzana Providence Medical Center
West Hills Medical Center
Medical Valley Partners 2007-present
Nephrology Medical Associates 2000-2007
American College of Physicians
American Society Of Nephrology
American Medical Association
American Geriatric Society
Medical Board of California Licensed Physicians
National Kidney Foundation Associate Member
Renal Physicians Association
Professional Interests
- Prevention and wellness, Geriatric medicine, hypertension management, cardiovascular risk reduction, weight management and fitness

Personal Interests
- Running marathons, resistance training, tennis, going to the park with my 2 girls and reading them princess stories

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Lashkari

from Nancy in CA April 4, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

My experience with Dr Lashkari and his staff are very nice and professional.
I always get a follow up calls when I’m sick. Dr Lashkari was the one that found that I have cancer after going to a few doctors and no one came to the correct diagnosis. I am very grateful to him.

from John in CA March 12, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

Dr Lashkari has been our primary caregiver for approximately 20 years. He has been available 24/7 when we were in need. Response to e -mails with advice at night or weekends with personal follow up the following day. Not just a call from someone with no information or history. He is terrific. He has built a cadre or specialist of increasing ability thru the years.

Thank you Doctor… See more

from Jennifer in CA March 10, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD
Image provided by: Jennifer

My milestone moment would be four years ago when I was hit by a car and spent six weeks in the hospital. I had several surgery’s. Flatlined several times. Had my knee in a brace for a month and went through rehab. I became much closer with my doctor and good personal friends. Dr. Saman Lashkari was a great listener and we had many phone calls and home visits. I would not have gotten through… See more

from Judith in CA March 9, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

I always feel protected by Dr. Saman Lashkari because he responds to me promptly and in a helpful way. It is very comforting.

from DONNA in CA March 8, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

I could not ask for a more caring and thorough Dr. Always reply’s in a timely manner, any day of the week, even while on vacation.

from Spencer in CA February 19, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

I met Dr. Lashkari back when he was starting out under my then Nephrologist and I was battling stage 4B peritoneal mesothelioma back around 2000. What I appreciate(ed) most back then and now is Saman's demeanor and bedside manner. His great communication at any time I need his assistance. When my then Nephrologist retired and wanted me to go with his buyer of his practice, I searched… See more

from Renee in CA February 18, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD
Image provided by: Renee

Exceptional care is given by Dr. Lashkari. He listens attentively to my concerns and responds with positive results. I am comforted being cared for by someone who is dedicated to his patients. Being an excellent diagnostician, Dr. Lashkari is revered by others in the medical field. I am proud and honored to be one of his patients. In addition everyone knows the importance of having the… See more

from Maurice and Nanette in CA February 16, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD


A collection of many positive moments with Dr. Lashkari has provided medical advice and ongoing support over a period of several years with Dr, Lashkari.

Dr Saman Lashkari is a blessing. He is a skilled physician with exceptional diagnostic skills who has the extraordinary patience required to treat seniors such as ourselves.

Dr. Lashkari is available… See more

from Elizabeth in CA February 12, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

My daughter told me to get a doctor who cared about you. I had lost 2 doctors who both retired and I couldn’t find one who cared about me. When I met Dr Lashkari he made me feel like we were friends and he cared that I came to him. He always checks up on me in between appointments and when I come to the office he’s glad to see me. One thing I like is after my appointment he send me a list of… See more

from Ted in CA February 11, 2024 for Saman Lashkari, MD

My primary care physician doesn't use capitalization or punctuation when he sends me texts or emails. But, the important point in that sentence is that he sends me texts and emails. It's impossible to feel more secure about how my medical needs are met that I feel about how Dr. Saman Lashkari attends to them. Like so many of my friends and relatives, I always had trouble… See more