Stephen M. Minton, MD

Internal Medicine
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Stephen M. Minton, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am committed to establishing a partnership with each of my patients to understand their healthcare needs, values and concerns. I have a genuine interest in the lives of my patients and believe in the importance of knowing a patient beyond just their medical history. I enjoy taking the time to teach my patients about their individual healthcare in terms they can understand. I believe this typically leads to better outcomes for my patients. I feel so fortunate to be a physician and to have a career that brings me such personal satisfaction.

Dr. Minton's Credentials

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University of California, Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA
Internal Medicine 1989-1991

University of California, Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA
Internal Medicine 1988-1989

Medical School:
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1988

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry 1983

American Board of Internal Medicine
INOVA Alexandria Hospital
Top Doctor, Washingtonian Magazine 2008, 2014
Principal Investigator, Founding Partner, Alexandria Clinical Research, LLC 2009-present
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Minton

from Kay and Terry in VA March 19, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Dr. Steve Minton is our hero! We sleep better at night knowing that he is a phone call away 24/7. He has provided timely help in many situations. Because he listens carefully with empathy, Dr. Minton is able to accurately diagnose the maladies that occur from his amazing storehouse of knowledge and treat the problem or he will send us to the right expert. We really appreciate the thoroughness… See more

from Royce in VA March 13, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Dr. Stephen Minton is a very dedicated to his patients. Recently, I had chest pains and called his office. He was in Kansas but
called me immediately . I feel very lucky to be his patient. With his care, I hope to live a long time.

from Lauretta in VA March 11, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

The last six years I have survived two cancers, (stomach cancer and brain lymphoma), both now in remission. Recently I am dealing with a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. I feel very fortunate to have excellent specialist doctors for my cases but the doctor who puts it all together for me, who looks at me as an overall human being, who fills the blanks the specialists cannot, is DR.… See more

from Julie in VA March 10, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

After a night of severe cramping and intestinal issues I texted Dr Minton. I described my situation and he HEARD ME and called in a prescription. He was concerned I might be dehydrated and might need an IV. I was concerned too. He suggested I go to ER. There was no way I could leave the house. I called Dispatch Health and they came to my house and administered the IV. Dr Minton responded… See more

from HOABINH in VA February 27, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Dr. Stephen Minton's professionalism and sincere concern for my health and that of my husband is most necessary and valuable to us. He is insistent on motivating us to be mindful of maintaining our current health as well as being proactive on working with him to prevent adverse issues that could emerge.

from Nancy in VA February 13, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Thank you to Dr. S. Minton - glad I got in to meet with him and have a full pre- surgery evaluation.
Surgery has wen well - and now I look forward to having a relationship with a primary Care physician who can help
me stay healthy and age properly without many issues.

Dr. Minton is th BEST!!

from Jane in VA February 12, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

I really appreciate the fact that he spends a lot of time with you and listens to what you have to say. I also like that he does not prescribe things you do not need.
Another good thing is I can get in to see him right away. Also his staff is excellent..

from Mark in VA February 11, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD
Image provided by: Mark

I have never regretted choosing to stay with Dr. Stephen Minton when he joined MDVIP. He really has given me an understanding that my health is my responsibility and that he is there to provide me with all the support I need to stay healthy. He has warm personality and because of the way he manages his practice and the number of patients he sees, I know he will spend plenty of time with me. We… See more

from Steve in VA February 11, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Decades of true care by Steve.
When needed---no joking around.
Sometimes direct advice, sometimes compassionate advice.
But when it comes to my care as time goes by no punches pulled.
A friend.

from Michael in VA February 11, 2024 for Stephen M. Minton, MD

Dr. Steve Minton was my Internist prior to MDVIP, so, of course, I stayed with him. He has guided me through several truly harrowing life-threatening experiences. Dr. Minton always responds quickly to any concern, and being a cancer guy, that’s very important to me. In addition, he’s really great keeping up with doctors that I see at Georgetown Univ. Hospital and Mayo Clinic in MN on a regular… See more