Steve Lovelady, MD

Family Medicine
1490 Northbank Parkway Suite 290
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 Get Directions
Steve Lovelady, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy has always been and continues to be to provide each one of my patients with the personalized care and service they deserve. I love having the time to form close relationships with my patients and their families. Through my affiliation with MDVIP, I am also able to offer an annual, comprehensive wellness exam and customized plan of care that is helping my patients achieve their goals and enjoy the healthiest lives possible.  I have special interest in chronic fatigue and chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. Lovelady's Credentials

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University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences
Tuscaloosa, AL
Family Practice 1984-1986
Chief Resident 1985-1986

University of Alabama, College of Community Health Sciences
Tuscaloosa, AL
Family Practice 1983-1984

Medical School:
University of Alabama, School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL
Doctorate of Medicine 1983
William R. Willard Dean's Award

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1979
Magna Cum Laude

American Academy of Family Physicians
DCH Regional Medical Center
Resident Recognition Award, University of Alabama 1986
Internal Medicine Award 1986
Pediatric Award 1986
William R. Willard Award for Most Outstanding Intern 1984
William R. Willard Dean's Award 1983
Staff Physician, Family Medicine, DCH 2004-present
Staff Physician, Northriver Emergency Physicians PC, DCH Regional Medical Center 1987-2004
Medical Director, Emergency Medical Services Program, Shelton State Community College 1993-1999
University of Alabama, College of Community Health Services Program of Emergency Medicine
- Medical Director 1989-1993
- Assistant Professor 1989-1993
American Board of Family Practice
American Medical Association
American Academy of Family Physicians
Medical Association of the State of Alabama
Tuscaloosa County Medical Association
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Advanced Trauma Life Support
Special interest in chronic fatigue and chronic Lyme disease.

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Lovelady

from Richard in AL April 4, 2024 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I have a unique medical situation, I have been on a PEG (feeding tube), for the past 8 years. Dr. Lovelady has been ever responsive to any issue that I have come up. If I have an issue with PEG replacement or related issues, he is diligent and quick to find a solution or send me to the right person that can solve the issue. I am so thankful for his patience, professionalism and… See more

from Rick in AL March 12, 2024 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I am very happy with my MDVIP arrangement and the care I receive from Dr. Steve Lovelady. He is available when I need him and he answers my questions promptly and thoroughly .
I am a guitar player and so is Steve. About three years ago, I had a group of friends coming to my home for a few days of golf and music. Three weeks before they were to arrive, I was unloading the dish washer and… See more

from Duanne in AL March 9, 2024 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I was seeing Dr. Lovelady long before he became affiliated with MDVIP. He is the most understanding, patient, knowledgeable doctor I’ve ever known. He takes the time to listen to me, answers all my questions and is always an encouragement to me. Before he started treating me I had chronic migraines, which would send me to the ER several times a month. After I started see him, I went to his… See more

from John in AL February 15, 2024 for Steve Lovelady, MD

Some years ago, I was searching for a family physician to care for my wife and myself-- I already presented interesting health problems that busy GP practices really did not have time to deal with, some stemming from time spent in the military. When we were accepted as part of Dr. Lovelady's practice, we were required to undergo full initial physicals to provide a baseline for our… See more

from Jim in AL February 12, 2024 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Lovelady for some time. I am confident in his knowledge and professionalism. He listens and responds quickly when I have a concern. I never feel rushed and my questions and/or worries are important to him.
Thank you Dr. Lovelady.
Jim Drake

from Judy in AL October 6, 2021 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I could not be more pleased with my mdvip physician and his staff!
He is very caring and is staying on top of my
medical conditions.
I wish I had done this years ago and would have not gone through so much with medical people not knowing or caring.

from Carol in AL February 29, 2020 for Steve Lovelady, MD
Image provided by: Carol

We have found a physician who does not treat us as if we were on an assembly line, rushed in and out the door in a matter of minutes. Dr Lovelady gives us his time and attention every visit. We can be in touch almost instantly if we have concerns or questions. Through our association, we have not only developed a patient/ physician relationship, but one as friends who care beyond the health… See more

from Anita April 12, 2018 for Steve Lovelady, MD

A couple months ago lump was found in my breast. I had all the required test and the doctor told me at my age it did not look good. Of course I was devastated. I feared the worse. I would be three days before I got my results. Three days ran into the weekend. On Monday I thought to email Dr. Lovelady and I was to hear my results on Tuesday. I emailed Dr. Lovelady and ask him to review the… See more

from Patricia in AL March 14, 2018 for Steve Lovelady, MD
User submitted photo

I feel very lucky to have Dr. Lovelady as a Primary Care Physician. He is knowledgeable and considerate; listens to my concerns , doesn't treat them as frivolous but helps me figure out what to do and how to treat them. He is honest and caring and doesn't just prescribe another drug and send me on my way. Very important to me as I get older and require more medical attention, I… See more

from Linda in AL March 8, 2018 for Steve Lovelady, MD

I am very happy with Dr. Steve Lovelady. I love the fact that he listens to my every word and addresses my complaints. I've tried very hard to get in with him for 10 yrs. Thanks to MDVIP it was possible. His nurse is wonderful, compassionate, gentle and professional. His receptionist, always does her best to get me in to see him that day or the next. It's the best experience I… See more