Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Internal Medicine
1507 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45215 Get Directions
Theodore S. Marty III, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My practice philosophy is to treat you like a member of my family.
My goal is to build a close and personal relationship with each patient so I can provide very compassionate, comprehensive medical care. As Sir William Osler said, "The secret of caring for the patient is to care about the patient".
The support of MDVIP allows me to practice medicine the way I was trained and the way you deserve. This model of care gives me more time to listen to you, share ideas, focus more on prevention, educate, coach and advocate for you - all of which are necessary in keeping you happy and healthy.
My practice is not about me; it's about you. I have the time to treat the "whole" you, not just your symptoms, which has enabled my patients to continually reach their wellness goals.
To be your doctor is an honor and a privilege, and I take this responsibility seriously.

Dr. Marty's Credentials

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Ohio State University Hospital
Columbus, OH
Internal Medicine 1987-1989

Ohio State University Hospital
Columbus, OH
Internal Medicine 1986-1987

Medical School:
Ohio State University College of Medicine
Columbus, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

Miami University
Oxford, OH
Bachelor of Arts, Zoology 1982
Phi Beta Kappa
Magna Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
Jewish Hospital
Christ Hospital
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Ohio State University 1989-1990
American College of Physicians
Camping, alpine skiing and golf

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Marty

from Katheryn in OH March 27, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

i have been a patient of Dr. Marty since 2006. From the very beginning he made me feel like I was important to him. I never felt like I was being rushed out even though at the time he had not yet joined MDVIP. The most amazing thing was that he listened to me. His questions and comments were directed to what I was saying, he didn't talk over me or avoid my statements and questions. Then he… See more

from Jim and Sharon in OH March 16, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

We have nothing but praise for Dr. Marty and his staff. Thankfully, we have had only one acute situation since being in his care. I was able to get a same morning appointment and under his direction to the ER I was immediately taken in for tests. Even though he has a team at the hospital he stopped in to check on me and ensure I was being treated appropriately. We greatly appreciate his care,… See more

from Ruthann in OH March 15, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

From our first physical, when joining Dr. Marty and MDVIP several years ago, to are most recent results our health has improved greatly. I attribute this to Dr. Marty’s care. Getting to know us, reviewing the results and his attention to detail has guided us to better health. He has been one of the most caring doctor’s we have ever had and is such a pleasure deal with. When you have an office… See more

from Lynne in OH March 11, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Around 4 years ago, I went in to see Dr. Marty on a Friday morning for my routine check up. Upon meeting with him and after he checked my vitals, etc. he said Lynne you cannot go back to work. your blood pressure is high and you need a break. You need a medical leave from you job. This job is harming you and your health. i was a little taken back but I knew I was in bad shape and close to… See more

from Ron in OH March 11, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Dr Marty has been an exceptional DR during the many years that I have been a patient. He was also the primary care physician for my parents.

He has always been caring and taken time to discuss any concerns and very thorough in examinations and follow up.

I look forward for him to continue for many years

from Jon in OH March 11, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

I am a type 2 diabetic. I have blood work done every quarter. Dr. Marty, without fail, contacts me the next day with the results and any recommendations. I recently experienced pain in my ribs. After my CAT scan showed that I had lung cancer, Dr. Marty called me from his vacation in Arizona to give me the news and set me up with an immediate appointment with a pulmonologist, thereby giving me… See more

from Robert in OH March 11, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Doctor Theodore S. Marty has been our Primary family doctor for well over 25 years and is a person who we have the most trust and respect in with his wife Cheryl who works with him plus the fantastic nurses in his office treat my wife and I with the best in family care. Dr. Marty is always available 24/7 alnd this too is very important. Over the years we have sent a number of our friends to… See more

from Jeanette in OH February 29, 2020 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

There are opinions that I am asked to give about a professional who helps me; my physician and my dentist. And both I am very pleased to do. When you find someone who you truly are thankful to know and feel a special connection with they are part of a greater "family" one develops. I am a 78 female and have been with Dr. Marty since 2013 and 1999 had been more of a trying year in… See more

from Robert in OH March 21, 2018 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Pat and I have been with Dr. Marty since long before he began the MDVIP practice. He not only treats our ailments but treats us as real people. We feel certain that our health would not be as good as it is without him. We also have 3 sons and a daughter who are in his practice, so he has a very large fan club with the Allens.

from George in OH March 15, 2018 for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

I am 84 years old and have had numerous physicians, however none have been more dedicated to his practice and his patients than Dr. Theodore Marty. His concern for my individual well being extends beyond the norm as it is not unusual for him to provide test results on a Sunday afternoon - most would wait until Monday! His experience as an internist and professor coupled with his inquiring… See more