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Internal Medicine
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Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM
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Annual Membership Fee

582.50 every 3 months *
1,165.00 every 6 months *
2,330.00 each year *
*The lab portion of the annual MDVIP Wellness Program will be billed to patients directly by the lab company at the discounted rate of $70.

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am a board-certified internist with additional board certifications in cardiology, nuclear cardiology and sleep medicine. With years of experience, I specialize in treating patients with complicated medical histories and health challenges. I pride myself on listening carefully and finding the right balance between paying attention to detail and looking at the big picture when diagnosing and devising an appropriate health plan. I am well respected as a diagnostician by medical colleagues and members of my community, and am often called upon to consult on difficult cases; those that require more than a one size fits all approach to medicine.

Wellness is a way of life. I strive to support my patients and their families to effectively treat their current healthcare issues and to be an advocate for preventive healthcare as well. I treat each patient as an individual with his or her own unique concerns and needs.

Please call my office today to schedule a meeting; I look forward to meeting with you.

Dr. Weisfogel's Credentials

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United States Public Health Service Hospital
Staten Island, NY
Cardiology 1973-1974

Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY
Cardiology 1974-1976

Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY
Senior Research Fellow, Cardiac Catheterization 1980-1981

United States Public Health Service Hospital
Staten Island, NY
Internal Medicine 1971-1973

United States Public Health Service Hospital
Staten Island, NY

Medical School:
Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1970

Yeshiva University
New York, NY
Bachelor Of Arts 1966

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine, Cardiology
American Board of Sleep Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
John F. Kennedy Medical Center
Medical Director, Diagnostic Vascular Imaging Associates, Digital Free-standing Cardiac Catheterization Lab 1987-present
Medical Director, Healthy Heart Sleep Programs 2005-present
Teaching Faculty, Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine 2008-present
Diplomate, American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Fellow, American College of Cardiology
New York
New Jersey

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Weisfogel

from Michael in NJ February 20, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

Dr. Weisfogol is a brilliant physician and even more important, he is a kind and caring human being that makes himself available 24/7 whenever needed. He is truly a SUPER doctor. His office staff seems also to have been made from similar cloth.

I first met him 15 years ago when he was not yet my doctor. I was on a gurney in the emergency room after my first heart attack, kind of lost… See more

from Jeffrey in NJ February 17, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM
Image provided by: Jeffrey

The older I get the more acute I'm aware of my health concerns and how to mitigate them. I've done my best to do that, especially after my episode with septic shock. I really dislike taking my daily 'drug cocktail' but understand its significance for each drug. Asking questions helps and my goal is to minimize the number of drugs I'm putting in my body. I also believe… See more

from Robert in NJ February 12, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

My doctor takes care of me very well after being his patient for many, many years. But if the MDVIP rates keep on increasing as it was again this year after I was assured last year there would be no more increases I would be forced to look for another wellness program which I can afford.

from Susan in NJ January 28, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

I have been a member of MDVIP for a little over 2 years now. I'm 74 years old, so it's not a very long time in the scheme of things but long enough to have gotten to know Dr Weisfogel. After being disappointed with several Internists I wasn't sure if his office would be any different. This, at a time when we were all forced to wear masks, so I actually couldn't see his… See more

from Robert in NJ January 20, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

We respect Dr. Weisfogel's right to a private life and therefor think seriously before calling him off-hours. In each of the few times we needed his help off-hours he was always immediately available and helped us through our tough time. As one of the lead PA's at RWJ Hospital said "he's one of our finest docs". We could not agree more.

from Melvin in NJ January 19, 2024 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

After a stress test with another cardiologist, he determined that I had a blockage and would need a bypass. I was assigned to Dr. Weisfogel in the hospital who was able to determine that my problem was pulmonary hypertension treatable with rest and medication and was able to avoid surgery.

from Heather in NJ March 21, 2020 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM
Image provided by: Heather

So the beginning: ten years ago I was experiencing heart palpitations that kept me awake for hours every night, and that scared me. My oncologist recommended a cardiologist to me; I believe they played music together. I liked Dr. Weisfogel immediately, but was frustrated at the long wait I always seemed to have in the waiting room. After my second visit with him, I mentioned that… See more

from John H in NJ March 18, 2020 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

I have been a patient of Dr. Gerald Weisfogel for twenty years. He has been very active in the care of my health. From day one, his concerns for my well-being were evident. Dr. Weisfogel reviewed my prior history and determined that I needed to undergo a Stress test. Short story, in 2003 I had multiple Stents implanted and I am here today, thanks Doc. Over the years Dr. Weisfogel has been… See more

from Mel and Deanie in PA March 12, 2020 for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

My husband and I are new to Dr. Weisfogel. He was chosen by our previous MDVIP physician who took a different medical path: I am thankful for the choice he made. In the short time we have been under Dr. Weisfogel's care we have been extremely pleased with his level of knowledge, his gentle listening, and his dedication to our well being.
One evening he called to tell me the results… See more