My SUPER doctor, Gerald Weisfogel

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| February, 21 2024 | for Gerald Weisfogel, MD, FACC, FAASM

Dr. Weisfogol is a brilliant physician and even more important, he is a kind and caring human being that makes himself available 24/7 whenever needed. He is truly a SUPER doctor. His office staff seems also to have been made from similar cloth.

I first met him 15 years ago when he was not yet my doctor. I was on a gurney in the emergency room after my first heart attack, kind of lost and forgotten, when Jerry, a social acquaintance, passed by and intervened on his own initiative to get me the proper attention. He has been my doctor ever since, nursing me through multiple episodes, procedures, and open-heart surgery for a double bypass & valve replacement, 2 years ago.

Now at age 88 I am still in good shape, enjoy an active life, and travel regularly on extended international vacations. I am convinced that next to God, I must thank Jerry for still being alive today, and even more so for the quality of my life to date.

Michael Samel