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Family Medicine
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John H. Mitchell, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

There are a few principles I have always believed in and continue to practice daily:
  1. If the physician listens to his patient, 90% of the time, he will be told of the diagnosis.
  2. Treat the patient, not the labs or the diagnostic studies.
  3. The best care comes when you care.
  4. There should be a doctor, who has patients whom he knows and cares for as a Shepherd would guide his flock. Let me lead you to better health and wellness.

Dr. Mitchell's Credentials

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Fayetteville, AR
Family Practice 1984-1987

Medical School:
Ross University
Portsmouth, Dominica
Doctorate of Medicine 1984

Brigham Young University
Provo, UT

St. Jude Medical Center
St. Jude Medical Center
- Vice Chairman, Medical Review Board 1994-1998
- Member, Peer Review Board 1992-1994
Brea Community Hospital
- Chief, Family Practice 1989-1993
- Emergency Medicine Physician 1987-1991
American Academy of Family Physicians
from Cheryl in CA March 30, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD
Image provided by: Cheryl

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me all these not sure how many years it's even always are so happy and in a great mood and take the time to listen,even if it's off track and about someone else you listen and even try to explain the situation.i can bring up anything and you know the medical term for it.hopefully your around for a long time to come… See more

from Darlene in CA March 26, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Mitchell is an incredible person and amazing doctor. He has helped us in so many different aspects of our lives that were unexpected. He has the time to show his depth of expertise and thorough attention to all the details. He treats us like family and we are so very grateful for his care.

Darlene and Jim

from Marina in CA March 25, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Mitchell has been my doctor for 27 years. I meant dr. Mitchell Just as I turn 32.
Dr. Mitchell has always been that diamond in the rough. Always taken time gave you his undivided attention and made you truly feel as a patient he cared about you.
I've always felt with dr. Mitchell that he gives me advice about my total life. He practices medicine the old fashion way.… See more

from Marilyn in CA March 12, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

It is critical to have a doctor who is competent, knowledgable and current in medical practice. It is vitally important to have a doctor who also listens, understands, and truly cares about the welfare of his patients. Though desirable, it is unusual to have a doctor who embodies both of these attributes. it is even more unusual to have a doctor whom a patient anticipates visiting because that… See more

from George Gullett in CA March 10, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Mitchell has been our family doctor for many years. Our family has grown up in his care and now our children's families reach out to him. He has seen Judy and I through several crisis. We have all the confidence in the world in his expertise. In addition to his personal and focused care he has surrounded himself with highly skilled colleagues, so when a referral is necessary we are… See more

from Judy in CA March 9, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Mitchell has been much more than a doctor to me as well as all of my family. He is always available to listen to complaints and concerns and has a great way of explaining things in a manner we can understand. He has a great sense of humor and always makes us smile. When we have needed to be referred to a specialist he has always sent us to the very best. I really don't know what… See more

from Dan & Kathy in CA March 8, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Dr. John Mitchell is a one of a kind doctor. He's been part of our family for many many years and knows all of us really well. He listens to what his patients have to tell him about their health, and he takes time to think through all info to arrive at the best solution. He's warm and caring has our best interests at heart.

from Sandy in CA March 7, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

Thank you for taking care of the Murray family...especially Hayden and the almost dead guy.

from Darin in CA March 7, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD

When I decided to follow Dr. John Mitchell to his new destination as a MDVIP physician, I knew my health and life would continue to thrive.

I placed my life, and the lives of my wife and kids, in his hands. I trusted his analysis and expertise to keep me and my family members alive and healthy.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. Mitchell was subpoenaed as an expert witness for the… See more

from Daniel in CA March 5, 2018 for John H. Mitchell, MD
Image provided by: Daniel

I am a chronic pain patient, along with many other physical issues. Dr. Mitchell
Is the only Doctor has ever actually listened to me. He has given me and my wife some hope that we desperately need. I feel he really wants to figure out what is happening to me. God Bless you Doc.