Exceptional Care from a Doctor who is even more of an Exceptional Person

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| April, 4 2024 | for John H. Mitchell, MD

I am fortunate to be Dr. John H. Mitchell's patient for the last 5-6 years, and just a bit longer under the MDVIP umbrella. I am often reminded how amazing and superior the care is with Dr. Mitchell, and the MDVIP approach when I hear of the negative experiences friends and colleagues have with their care plan and needs. This organization and its structure allows for Dr. John H. Mitchell to keep on top of me (which much to his chagrin is necessary) regarding preventative and maintenance care, in addition to addressing pressing care needs and emergencies. I honestly look forward to sitting down with him after lab results come back. He has a lovely way of connecting, explaining and sharing, and it is because he as the time to do that, and he wants to do it. It allows him to understand me better, know what I'm facing in my personal life, and integrate that into the care plan. When I leave any office visit, I feel educated, safe and cared for. The MDVIP model is successful and the ethos allows the Physician to adhere to their core calling of why they chose to be Physicians in the first place.