H. Lee Kagan, MD

Internal Medicine
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H. Lee Kagan, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to manage and anticipate your unique healthcare needs. As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, I will partner with you on a personal level to help you achieve the optimal health we all value. We will closely collaborate on what it takes to stay on the path to wellness. You will feel welcomed by the relaxed, individualized attention you will receive from everyone in our office.

Dr. Kagan's Credentials

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Rochester General Hosptial, University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

Department of Medicine, Highland Hospital
Rochester, NY

Medical School:
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Bacteriology 1970
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Master of Arts, Zoology 1971

American Board of Internal Medicine
Outstanding Top Primary Care Physicians in the U.S., Town and Country Magazine 2000
University of Southern California School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Distinguished Teacher and Role Model Award 1995
Hollywood's Top Doctors, The Hollywood Reporter 2014
Keck-USC School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine 1981-present
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Staff Physician 1981-Present
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Chairman, Department of Medicine 1986-2002
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Editor, Professional Staff Bulletin 1991-1999
UCLA Molecular Biology Institute, Research Associate 1993-1994
Medical Consultant to TV Production Becker 1998-2003
Volunteer Physician, Operation Blessing Clinic, New Orleans
Co-author, various articles in Blood, 1994, 1997, FASEB Journal 1999
Authored Vital Signs feature in Discover Magazine 2006
Contributing Author, Vital Signs feature in Discover Magazine 2006-present
American College of Physicians 1980-Present
American Medical Association 1980-Present
MDVIP National Medical Advisory Board Member

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Kagan

from Linda and Skip in CA February 28, 2018 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

Not sure how many patients are as fortunate as we are with our internist Dr. Kagan. Yes, he is' more than competent, available, professional - Mainly he is a man that CARES. We always feel like whatever our problem may be - he is on top of it - attends screenings...visits...recommends those that can help us.
We are more than grateful, appreciate that we Have Dr. Lee Kagan… See more

from David R. in CA March 26, 2015 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

Having Dr. Kagan as my personal physician for many years has brought a sense of security and is much appreciated by myself, my wife, and our adult children. His personal caring is available at all times, addressing my concerns and/or problems and has also referred me to other fine physicians in our community if needed.

from George in CA February 21, 2014 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

On Dec. 18, 2014 at 4AM, I awoke coughing up blood. My wife immediately said that we were going to Providence St. Joseph Emergency Room in Burbank, CA. We live in Hollywood. But before we left for the Emergency Room, I thought it best if I called Dr. Kagan to tell him our plan. I called his number expecting to reach his message center, but I was surprised to hear Dr. Kagan's voice at the… See more

from Julia in CA February 20, 2014 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

What can I say about my Doctor Kagan! Well I'm sure I have interrupted his dinner more then once, have called him all hours of the night, have probably tested his patience several times and yet he still takes my calls! How about that! With all the digestion issues I have had I know Doc Kagan will do what is necessary to access and solve my issues. Yup he is a character, he does make… See more

from Lis in CA February 17, 2014 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

Thank you for giving my husband and I so much of your time and attention. I was stunned the first time we became aware of your commitment to us when my husband became very ill after you had already left the office. You were driving home but turned around and came back to see him. You've gotten us through some difficult times. While my husband was in the hospital the nurses commented on… See more

from Dan in CA February 14, 2014 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

Let's see, how should we evaluate the very important choice of a doctor? Smart? Check mark for Dr. Kagan. Well trained? Another check. Thoughtful and thorough? Two checks. Compassionate? Certainly a check mark. A good listener? Very important check mark. Creative problem solver? Solid check mark. A nice guy? A significant check mark. Good looking? Not important, but okay,… See more

from Arthur in CA February 8, 2014 for H. Lee Kagan, MD

Dr. Kagan is not only my trusted physician, but he and his wife are dear friends. I have been under his care since 1983. In 1999, he saved my life by quickly diagnosing my colon cancer. And even though the tumor was malignant and the size of an orange, I'm still around to talk about it thanks to him. I trust Dr. Kagan to the end of the world and back.