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Stephen E. Winston, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As an undergraduate student, I found myself very interested in the studies of social sciences and philosophy. As a result, I pursued a PhD in medical sociology. I wanted to teach doctors how to have a “good bedside manner”, but found that my calling was actually practicing as a family physician, not just teaching them.

I have been practicing in the Fairhope Community for my entire 22-year career. I work, play and pray here and with MDVIP, I feel that I will have the opportunity to continue to do this. Most people agree that their physicians are competent and knowledgeable, but they are unsure that their doctor really knows them. It takes time in the office to really get to know a person, and MDVIP will allow us to spend the time together that is a necessity for this. We can work together to forge a plan of healthy living and be able to uncover the issues that could cause potential health issues later. If illness or injury do occur, take comfort in the fact that you have a partner that is available, knows the medical community, and most importantly, knows you!

Dr. Winston's Credentials

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Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
Spartanburg, SC
Family Medicine 1994-1996

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
Spartanburg, SC

Medical School:
University of Tennessee
Memphis, TN
Doctorate of Medicine 1993

University of Memphis
Memphis, TN
Bachelor of Arts, Sociology 1989

Thomas Hospital
Medical Staff Executive Committee, Thomas Hospital 2000-2002
American Academy of Family Physicians
American College of Family Physicians
Medical Association of the State of Alabama
Baldwin County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Winston

from Adonna in AL March 31, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

Dear Dr Winston,
Thank you for your support both medically and emotionally.
I remember when I received a letter that told me I had cancer. I had no cancer doctors, my gynecologist didn't want to talk to me because she didn't know all of the details of my particular cancer. Being diagnosed with the "Big C" is bad enough, but not being able to find a doctor to… See more

from Judy in AL March 27, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

Dr Winston is the most caring doctor I have ever had. He spends more than ample time explaining health issues. The Wellness Visit is most thorough and his staff is fantastic. His humor is a great plus. Thanks so much Dr Winston!!

from KATHY in AL March 17, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

You may not be old enough to remember when doctors had hearts. There really was a time when doctors actually "cared" for their patients while caring for their patients. Nowadays, visiting a physician is often like a "drive-thru window" excursion. No drive-thru with you Dr. Winston. We "park" and go in to your office knowing that our care is the "special order" of your day. We are so blessed to… See more

from Jan in AL March 13, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

I have no great story of Dr. Winston saving my life. I have a story of my long time Doctor that knows what’s going on in my life and knows the name of my family members. He is what you would want your doctor to be. He has always been the type of physician you want to have. He is a great doctor but more importantly a good man.

from Jacky in AL March 13, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

I have been a patient of Stephen Winston since he came to Fairhope in the mid 90's. He is such a good doctor that everyone wanted to see him. It got to the point where you could not get an appointment with him for 2 to 3 weeks out. Now when I have an issue I can usually get in the same day.

He is so thorough, patient, kind, funny and genuine!

Dr. Winston, thank you so… See more

from Judith in AL March 12, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD
Image provided by: Judith

Dr. Winston is by far the first doctor that loves to solve a problem. He is incredible on picking up issues and finding a solution. He is extremely patient and willing to listen. The thoroughness that he processes and explains give tremendous insight into what your body is experiencing. I have appreciated the time that he spends explaining.

from Franklin in AL March 10, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

We have been with MDVIP for many years first in Maryland the. Upon moving to Alabama. We had signed up with Dr Winston before he was part of MDVIP but we’re still mostly using long time freind Dr. Alan Reisinger. However when we found out that Dr Winston had joined the practice we signed up and are sure glee we did. Dr Winston is a gem! He is great with service and advice and even when… See more

from Gene in AL March 10, 2020 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

For the last two+ years, I have been a member of Dr. Steve Winston's MDVIP patient network. Dr. Winston has been most responsive to my medical needs. When I text him with a question, he is quick to respond with an answer. Also, when I need an office visit for a more thorough consultation, his nurse is accommodating to my calendar to schedule my appointment as soon as possible. Dr.… See more

from Adonna in AL March 28, 2018 for Stephen E. Winston, MD

Dear Dr. Winston,
National Doctors' Day is a good time to say, Thank You for your service in treating my health issues for the past 15 years. I have really been on a roller coaster ride since this past August when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I received a letter and a call saying I had breast cancer. You were the only doctor who was willing to take the time to discuss with… See more