W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Family Medicine
522 College Avenue Suite 1
Clemson, SC 29631 Get Directions
W. Douglas Gentry, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe that practicing good medicine includes a personalized partnership between doctor and patient. As an MDVIP-affiliated primary care physician, I have more time to develop close relationships with my patients, perform more comprehensive exams and better address current health problems while also helping to better prevent new ones. As your personal doctor, I can work with you to formulate a wellness plan that will help you pursue optimal health. My family practice provides more individualized care that can help make a happier, healthier future your reality. My MDVIP-affiliated practice, often compared to a concierge medicine practice, also offers conveniences like same- or next-day appointments.

Having practiced in this community for more than 40 years, I have relationships with many specialists to whom I can refer should the need arise. I refer to all medical centers, honoring patient preference. We draw patients from Central, Clemson, Pendleton, Salem, Seneca, Walhalla, Westminster and beyond.

Dr. Gentry's Credentials

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Medical College of Virginia
Richmond, VA
Family Medicine 1976-1979
Chief Resident 1978-1979

Medical School:
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC
Doctorate of Medicine 1976

Davidson College
Davidson, NC
Bachelor of Science, Pre-Medical 1972

South Carolina Medical Association
South Carolina

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Gentry

from Robin in SC March 14, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

We switched to Dr. Gentry and we were so impressed even that first day!! Since then he is so attentive and knowledgeable!! He has lowered dosages based on test results. I was concerned about taking Boniva for so long (over 6 years) he immediately got me on the road to start Prolia. Dr. Gentry takes a lot of time to explain results, even to the point of drawing a diagram of the situation which… See more

from Walt in SC March 10, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Dr. Gentry has been my doctor for 32 years. I'm sorry I cannot recall a "moment". Rather it has been a life-long journey, filled with moments, each as good as the rest. I hope he and I are around for many more moments. He's the best doctor, hands down.

from John in SC March 10, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD
Image provided by: John

I have been a regular patient of Dr Doug Gentry for many years, since soon after he established his practice. Throughout that time, he has regularly helped identify areas of potential concern and recommended adjustments in my diet, exercise, medications, etc., and directed me to top quality specialists when necessary. In 2009, he noted a small but concerning elevation in my PSA and sent me to… See more

from David in SC March 10, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Thank You, Dr. Gentry! Today is my birthday, my 84th. It’s an especially happy occasion because just before my 83rd, I found that reaching 84 was no sure thing. A year ago you diagnosed a bile blockage possibly due to a tumor on my pancreas. I realized my expiration date likely had moved up considerably. You quickly arranged ultrasound and CT scans and a consultation with the surgical… See more

from Carol in SC February 21, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

I have been treated by Dr. W.D. Gentry for over 30 years and I have never had a better caring, compassionate, doctor in my over ninety years. He never makes me feel he's rushing during my appointments; always listening, asking questions that help me explain my medical problems. I always feel he's my part-time psychologist and I can discuss anything with him. I have the utmost trust… See more

from Brent in SC February 14, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Dr. Gentry has been my doctor for over thirty years. He is an intelligent and caring man. I trust him completely. I cannot imagine anyone else addressing my healthcare needs.

from Michael in SC February 11, 2024 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Dr. Doug Gentry has a causal informality that has put me at ease and trust during the forty plus years that I have been his patient. I have listened to his advice and humor through cancer, knee replacements, back surgeries and a host of lesser aliments. His patience and humor have been an antidote to minor ailments, real and imagined. A country doctor, he breezes into the patient room without… See more

from Cindy in SC December 18, 2022 for W. Douglas Gentry, MD

Dr. Gentry, Myra, Cindy and Becky at Family Medicine Associates in Clemson, SC are like family. Yes I know it's hard to believe especially in this day and age but it's true. They have always been compassionate and caring to me and my family. I feel blessed to have such a warm and genuine group of people looking after my healthcare needs. Dr. Gentry cares about my physical, my mental and my… See more

Family Medicine Physicians W. Douglas Gentry & R. Erik Hartvigsen Open MDVIP-Affiliated Practices in Clemson & Columbia

Boca Raton, Fla. – December 23, 2019 – MDVIP, the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, today announced the opening of two new MDVIP-… See more