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| March, 10 2024 | for W. Douglas Gentry, MD
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I have been a regular patient of Dr Doug Gentry for many years, since soon after he established his practice. Throughout that time, he has regularly helped identify areas of potential concern and recommended adjustments in my diet, exercise, medications, etc., and directed me to top quality specialists when necessary. In 2009, he noted a small but concerning elevation in my PSA and sent me to an excellent urologist who performed a biopsy, confirmed early stage prostate cancer, and allowed me to get a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy a timely manner. In late 2015, in response to pain in my left upper femur, Dr Gentry prescribed X-ray and CAT scans, followed by biopsy that confirmed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, again in a timely manner that enable successful treatment. Having survived cancer twice now as a result of Dr Gentry's perceptive recognition of potential problems and help to get immediate attention, I am alive and clear today of any detectable cancers, able to continue making my own contributions in my teaching and research career.