Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Internal Medicine
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Dennis Sager, MD, MS
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The rapport between the patient and physician is a key component of the health and well-being of patients. My MDVIP-affiliated practice provides me the time to get to know my patients on a more personal level and time to explain how medical decisions are made and treatment options are formulated. We live in a highly educated community, and I feel that patients should be fully involved in their medical decision making. My background is unique; I am an MIT trained engineer who worked in the NASA Mission Control Center during Apollo. Combining my analytical skills and my relationship with each patient enables me to educate the patient and formulate proper plans of care. 

I have practiced internal medicine in Reston for over 30 years. I was one of the founding physicians of Reston Hospital. As an internist, I treat conditions ranging from hypertension, diabetes and hypothyroidism, to the common (and sometimes not so common) cold. I have also combined my NASA and FAA engineering experience with my medical education in a different way; I am a Senior FAA Medical Examiner, certifying pilots as medically fit to fly. Throughout my medical practice I have always spent a large amount of time with my patients at every visit. My MDVIP-affiliated practice, often compared to a concierge medicine practice, also offers conveniences like same- or next-day appointments. Changes in the practice of medicine have forced doctors to squeeze more patients into shorter periods of time, which I choose not to do. MDVIP allows me to continue to practice medicine in the manner I feel it should be done.

Dr. Sager's Credentials

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Wright State University Medical School
Dayton, OH
Internal Medicine 1979-1981

Wright State University Medical School
Dayton, OH

Medical School:
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA
Doctorate of Medicine 1978

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Masters of Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics 1973

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Science, Aeronautics and Astronautics 1968

Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Federal Aviation Administration
Reston Hospital Center
Top Doctors, Washingtonian Magazine
Associate Clinical Professor, Health Care Sciences, George Washington University 1986-2017
Medical Adviser, Fairfax County Police Officers Retirement Board 1982-present
Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner 1982-present
Medical Society of Virginia

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Sager

from Margie in VA March 24, 2023 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Dr. Sager cares for his patients and answers questions no matter how unusual they might be and if he doesn't have an answer immediately, he will research it and return to the patient with logical and workable resolutions. We feel comfortable knowing that we can reach him any time, day or night, and our call/text will be returned in a timely fashion. He has also offered to assist with… See more

from Frances in VA March 25, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

I believe that Dr. Sager saved my life. When I saw him for moderate arm and leg pain that I thought was being caused by cholesterol meds, he did an EKG. Long story short, within 15 minutes I was in intensive care and had a triple bypass the next day. That was 18 years ago. I know that if I hadn’t seen him that day, I wouldn’t be here to tell my story today. Dr. Sager is thorough, attentive,… See more

from Salvatore in VA March 17, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Dr. Sager, has been my primary physician since the early 80s. He has literally provided healthcare that has saved my life as well as improved improved it along the line. One of his many attributes is that he loves science so when he describes medicines or procedures it’s like being in the classroom. Anyone lucky enough to have a physician like Dr. Sager, is indeed a lucky patient. I must… See more

from Barbara in VA March 17, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Dr. Sager is the kind of doctor everyone wants. He cares about his patients health, and takes the time needed to ensure he has all the information needed to make a sound diagnosis. Several times I have had issues arise off-hours, and have had to text him directly. He alway responded within minutes, carefully analyzed ehat was happening, and provided solutions to the problem. During office… See more

from Raymond in VA March 12, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

During the 40+ years I have been seeing Dr. Sager, he has always been helpful and fully attentive to my needs. He is very good.

from Karen in VA March 12, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Last year I was experiencing stomach acid that would not abate. Dr. Sager was out of the country at the time I called in to say that the medicine I was using wasn’t working. His assistants got a message to him en route to his destination, and upon arrival, he called personally and advised me to go to the ER on the very small chance that this was a heart problem.

It was not, and I… See more

from Rosalind in VA March 12, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

My husband and I were on our annual winter trek to Florida when a suspicious looking red bump (pimple? pustule? boil?) appeared on my husband's nose. We called Dr. Sager and discussed possibilities. I photographed the nose and sent it up; Dr Sager immediately prescribed something to help it and in two minutes the prescription appeared at a pharmacy only two miles from where we were… See more

from Margie in VA March 10, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

Even before he was with MDVIP he was our physician of choice but just the fact that he was our doctor for our entire family and that of our extended family was always something that meant a great deal. One Thanksgiving my parents were here from FL and my mother was diagnosed w/pneumonia while she was here and he made a house call to check on her and make sure she was well enough to travel… See more

from Stephen in VA March 10, 2020 for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

I've been a patient of Dr. Dennis Sager for 20 years now. During that time he has correctly diagnosed Meniere's disease and a couple of other conditions that are not so easily detected. He has also referred me to specialists who were really good. What I want most in a doctor, especially as I grow older, is confidence and trust that he will do his job and also take a personal interest in me. Dr… See more