Dr Dennis Sager is a huge help in time of need

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| February, 22 2024 | for Dennis Sager, MD, MS

My husband and I were patients of Dr Sager before he joined MDVIP. My husband was a bit wary of the expense of joining, but I convinced him that we'd need to continue with Dr Sager as we aged. My husband was already beginning to show signs of forgetfulness and I knew I would need a doctor who would advise me about my husband's condition. That turned out to be so true: About a year ago my husband had a hemorrhagic stroke. We were in the emergency room of our local hospital; the ER doctor told me he had a brain bleed and left before I could ask any questions. At that moment, Dr Sager called me and explained the situation more fully. After surgery to extract the blood that was pooling in my husband's brain and four months of rehab, we brought him home. Later last year a pulmonary embolism caused another hospitalization and full-blown dementia ensued. Dr Sager and I spent many hours on the phone discussing options and ultimately, my husband had to enter a memory care facility. I am fully confident that Dr Sager will continue to answer my questions promptly and with great compassion.