George M. Kosco III, DO

Internal Medicine
2801 Old Post Road Sturbridge Corporate Center
Harrisburg, PA 17110 Get Directions
George M. Kosco III, DO

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Dr. Kosco's Credentials

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Community General Osteopathic Hospital
Harrisburg, PA
Internal Medicine 1989-1992

Community General Osteopathic Hospital
Harrisburg, PA

Medical School:
University of Health Sciences College of Medicine
Kansas City, MO
Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine 1988

King's College
Wilkes Barre, PA
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1983

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pinnacle Health Systems
Secretary, Phi Sigma Alpha National Honor Society 
American Medical Association
American Osteopathic Association
Pennsylvania Medical Society
Dauphin County Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Kosco

from Jane in PA March 4, 2024 for George M. Kosco III, DO

Dr. George M. Kosco III, DO has been my physician for many years prior to his MDVIP-affiliated practice. I have had excellent care during that time and that care has continued. My personal experience now is TIME. There is no longer having to wait to be seen. I am able to reach him 24/7; and an appointment to see him the same day or the next. Dr. Kosco is an excellent listener taking the… See more

from Angela in PA March 1, 2024 for George M. Kosco III, DO

I don't like taking medicine...I always try to make changes to diet and exercise to cure myself...Dr. George understands that...I never feel rushed at thankful to have found him and his wonderful staff...

from JoAnn in PA February 10, 2024 for George M. Kosco III, DO

He takes the time to both talk and listen to me. I never feel rushed or like I am on an assembly line of patients.

from KJ in PA March 28, 2020 for George M. Kosco III, DO

Dr George Kosco and his staff are fantastic folks. I developed symptoms similiar to Covid 19. These symptoms were exacerbated by my lymes. Cough uncontrollable, weakness, oldage ect. Dr Kosco initiated steps to get to root of my condition. Arranged test follow up by calling me w results as they are available.
With a phone call his staff as got me in to see him SAME DAY. I'm not… See more

from Robert in PA March 18, 2020 for George M. Kosco III, DO

It was a difficult decision to contemplate whether to go with MDVIP or seek another PCP. It was the fee that troubled us, however, when we learned we would no longer have Dr. Kosco as a physician my wife Candace and I decided it was a "NO Brainer". Dr. Kosco has always been there for us, (even before MDVIP) and continues to watch over us with compassion and care. He reviews tests… See more

from Bette in PA March 12, 2020 for George M. Kosco III, DO

Dr. Kosco is always ready to help when needed. He always has the time to talk and give the medical advice needed to get well. I truly could not ever find a more sincere and caring doctor.

from SUZANNE in PA March 10, 2020 for George M. Kosco III, DO

Dr. Kosco has made a definite difference in my life and in particular, my health.

Prior to becoming his patient, I was terrified of doctor appointments.

Now I actually look forward to my appointments.

He and his staff have created a very comforting environment. He treats you like the only patient he has all day. He takes his time with his patients ( my husband is a… See more