Thank You, Dr. Kosco

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| March, 4 2024 | for George M. Kosco III, DO

Dr. George M. Kosco III, DO has been my physician for many years prior to his MDVIP-affiliated practice. I have had excellent care during that time and that care has continued. My personal experience now is TIME. There is no longer having to wait to be seen. I am able to reach him 24/7; and an appointment to see him the same day or the next. Dr. Kosco is an excellent listener taking the time to listen whether be it medical issues or personal concerns.

The annual Wellness Program with extensive tests and consultation is a big plus with managing my health and well-being. Every aspect of the test results are thoroughly covered. I look forward each year to this program.

Dr. Kosco is a caring human being and a well-mannered individual with a kind and friendly personality who also has an excellent bedside manner. I am fortunate and very grateful to have him as my MDVIP physician. Thank you, Dr. Kosco.