Greg Flippo, MD

Internal Medicine
7201 Happy Hollow Road Suite 201
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Greg Flippo, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The best possible medical practice from a patient’s perspective is one where the physician takes their many years of clinical experience and the absolute latest scientific technology then combines it with a philosophy of small practice size allowing both highly personalized and ultra-modern care. MDVIP uniquely allows these ingredients to come together to create the perfect recipe for good health. My mission is to individualize each patient's treatment plan to meet their personal needs, goals and lifestyle. I will continue to diagnose and treat my patients' acute illnesses with the latest in-office technology. But I will now be able to combine addressing their immediate needs with planning to maintain and improve their health for years to come.

Dr. Flippo's Credentials

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Carraway Methodist Medical Center
Birmingham, AL
Internal Medicine 1983-1985
Chief Resident & Instructor in Internal Medicine 1986

Carraway Methodist Medical Center
Birmingham, AL

Medical School:
University of Alabama School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL
Doctorate of Medicine 1982
EBSCO Industries Professional Scholarship Award

University of Alabama
Birmingham, AL
Bachelor of Science 1978
Dean's List
Cum Laude

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
St. Vincent East
Best Doctor in America 2009
University of Alabama
- Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Society
- Biology Student of the Year 1977
- Honor Research Program
Nursing Home Director, Lakeview Nursing Home/East Glen 1998-present
Primary Investigator, Clinical Drug Studies 2001-present
Primary Investigator at Alabama Clinical Therapeutics 2001-present
Medical Director, East Glen Nursing Facility 2001-present
Board of Directors, Health Services East 2002-present
Medical Director, The Village at Cook Springs 2008-present
Medical Director, Prescription 2 Fitness Aesthetic and Weight Loss Center 2009-present

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from Bobby in AL November 29, 2022 for Greg Flippo, MD

For years ip until 2019, I went round n round with my public doctor struggling with chronic pain. As a former athlete , I’ve had 17 surgeries.. all orthopedic n spine , torn bilateral quadriceps, 3 back surgeries, multiple knee surgeries etc….. but my doctor actually threw me to the curb not wanting to help me with the extreme pain that haunted me 24-7. I eventually found Dr. Greg Flippo… a… See more

from Mark in AL March 12, 2020 for Greg Flippo, MD

I started seeing Dr Flippo about 3 years ago. Without question, he changed my life! After years of going to what I think have been fine Drs, it finally got to the point that we were being herded in and out like cattle. I never had time to talk to my physician, and he never had time to get to know ME. Not on purpose, it’s just the nature of their business model that they have to keep moving… See more

from Randy in AL March 11, 2020 for Greg Flippo, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Flippo for several years and during this time my weight has dropped 56 lbs. Most of my measurable vitals have improved to the point of only a few or outside the norm. He is thorough and explains the results of test and what action I need to take. I feel certain that I will meet my medical goals by years end. His staff is a reflection of how he treats patients. They are… See more

from Carl in AL March 11, 2020 for Greg Flippo, MD

My wife and I were on a trip to Australia and New Zealand, and I get a call from Dr. Flippo! He had heard about a major earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and knowing we were in New Zealand, called to check on us! I just can't imagine a doctor, or most any professional who would care enough about a patient/customer as to make that effort. He and his lovely wife Melissa are… See more

from John in AL March 10, 2020 for Greg Flippo, MD

I have been with Dr. Flippo most of my adult life. He puts me at ease whenever I have an issue. Since becoming type 2 diabetic he has always listened and helped me to understand my condition. He and his staff are also available anytime I need them. He always ask about my family and takes time to speak to me even when I am just getting a shot or blood work. He is an amazing Dr. and he has… See more

from Stephen January 6, 2019 for Greg Flippo, MD

Dr. Flippo and his wife run the most excellent office I have ever visited. They go above and beyond at all times. They have a very knowledgeable staff. I broke my neck last March. I was in the hospital but the flippos continued checking on me daily even though it wasn't their job at that point. Dr. Flippo and his wife make MDVIP worth the extra expense.

from Brenda March 28, 2017 for Greg Flippo, MD

I have been using Dr Flippo for approximately 20+ years. He is not only a GREAT DR but feels like part of my family as well. He is very considerate, passionate and concerned with my health problems as well as my family health. I love him and his wife, Melissa, they are the best. I do not ever see myself changing to another physician. His staff is also great.

from Meshall March 29, 2017 for Greg Flippo, MD

Dr. Flippo, MD is the most caring , patient and understanding provider. I have been with him for many years. I have had a lot of sickness and Dr. Flippo has been right there with me all the way. Now a day that is pretty rare. To me Dr. Flippo is the best doctor. Not only is he wonderful so is his staff. You feel the passionate and love they have for their patients.