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| March, 9 2024 | for Greg Flippo, MD

I was asked to tell about a certain time or memory that sums up the experience I have had with my physician, Dr. Greg Flippo and his staff. Looking back on the day of my first appointment, I get a shiver down my spine because I almost cancelled the appointment that day. I had made up my mind, it was going to be like every other appointment with a new doctor; a waste of time and money. I could not have been more wrong.. I arrived and signed in I and barely had time to sit down before I was being called back!! I’m not an inpatient person, but I do have a very demanding job with an enormous workload that requires me to work more than the average 8 to 5. So I appreciate promptness. As for my visits with Dr. Flippo. I am so impressed by him and every visit, I leave, even more impressed. I have never had a doctor that was more attentive or more knowledgeable than Dr. Flippo. He also takes his time, is very thorough, making sure to run all the tests and labs that he may need, to accurately diagnose me. And he also, goes over all the results with me, so that I understand why he wants me to try a certain medication or why he would like me to have another diagnostic test. Doctors visits can be intimidating , to the point where when I go in, I have a list of questions, but leave with no answers because I felt too rushed to ask or didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask. In the past I have felt like the doctor’s mind regarding my plan of care was made up way before entering the room. With Dr. Flippo, I for once feel like I am being heard. He truly listens to my complaints and if I tell him I have tried certain medications or modalities in the past and they didn’t work, he doesn’t waste my time by saying, well let’s give it another try and in a month if you still don’t see any change, we can try something else. I like that I have a say so, in my own health. I like that Dr. Flippo has gotten to know me as Janet, and he has tailored my treatment plan to fit me as an individual rather than putting me on some cookie cutter plan of care that is supposed to be “for all women between the ages of 50-55.” Dr. Flippo is also very personable and is always asking me about work and my family and other aspects of my life. He is like my doctor, my therapist, and my priest all wrapped up into one very caring and compassionate man. For lack of a better analogy, he is like a one stop, shop!! And he has the best ladies on staff; I adore all the women that work for Dr. Flippo. When I am there, I feel
like I am surrounded by and being cared for by family. They are warm and compassionate, but also, stern, in a tough love kind of way. I had to have surgery last year and because of that, used all my PTO and sick time. So, I am past due for a particular procedure that I am not at all
looking forward to. I am 150% sure that at my next appointment, I will not be able to leave his office until said procedure is scheduled ☺️ But that is the tough love I am talking about. I need that kind of accountability in my life. I have to be honest and say, I have been a little needy the past 6 months. So again, the ladies, Cheona, Melissa and Megan have been really helpful! I am about to have to have ANOTHER surgery, and I am a nervous wreck. I am traveling out of state for surgery and on Easter weekend and I need lab work, an EKG, chest X-ray, a Covid test and clearance from Dr. Flippo. AND- all of these test and lab results HAVE to be in my surgeon’s hands in Baltimore by a certain date or my surgery will have to be rescheduled. So the ladies have been very instrumental in arranging and coordinating everything, right down to the lab picking up and processing my Covid test,Easter weekend.
I have had to call them on the weekends before because my pharmacy screwed up my prescription and if I call and need an appointment, I have never waited more than 48 hours to get in. For once in my life, I do not dread going to a doctor’s appointment. Dr. Flippo and the women in his office have removed the fear I had and the negativity that I associated with doctor’s appointments, and replaced it with confidence that I am getting the best medical care possible.