Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Internal Medicine
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Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I am board certified in internal medicine and have been practicing both internal medicine and primary care in Newtown, Connecticut for 35 years. My philosophy of practice has always been to put my patients’ care first which means that my visits are unhurried and thorough with a focus on early diagnosis, health maintenance and preventive care. My office incorporates a wellness center with programs that include physical assessments, exercise counseling and nutrition counseling.

I care for patients with chronic disease and physical disabilities to bring them to their highest level of functioning in order to return to a full and active lifestyle. Our fitness programs are also utilized by patients who strive to achieve healthy living and well-being. We offer stress reduction groups as well.

I believe that a close collaborative relationship should exist between the patient and the physician. We are a team working together to achieve the ideal outcomes for your ongoing health. MDVIP shares my philosophy of healthcare delivery and through my affiliation with the national leaders in personalized healthcare, I can further enhance the level of care I am able to provide to my patients.

Dr. Friedman's Credentials

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Danbury Hospital/Yale Medical School
Danbury, CT
Internal Medicine 1980-1982

Danbury Hospital/Yale Medical School
Danbury, CT

Medical School:
Rush Medical School
Chicago, IL
Doctorate of Medicine 1979

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 1971-1973

Knox College
Galesburg, IL
Bachelor of Science, Science 1975
Magna Cum Laude
Phi Beta Kappa

American Board of Internal Medicine
Danbury Hospital
Medical Director
- Community Health Associates 1998-present
- Ashlar of Newtown 1984-2004
Associate Clinical Professor
- Quinnipiac Medical School 2014-present
- University of Connecticut Medical School 2014-present
American College of Physicians
Connecticut State Medical Society
Fairfield County Medical Association
from Gary in CT March 17, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

My relationship with Dr. Friedman started about 2 years ago when I attended an information sharing session on MDVIP in Southbury. His presentation that night was an amazing experience and I was HOOKED!! We worked closely together on the MDVIP structure of wellness physicals and follow-ups to improve my health. My goal was to run a sub 3 hour half marathon at age 68 and we did it in November,… See more

from Tucker in CT March 4, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Jeff: On the anniversary of your first year with MDVIP Marilyn and I wanted to shoot you a quick note congratulating and thanking you for your thoughtful and compassionate health care. We both feel we're in such good hands. And I , of course, enjoy chatting about aging, eating, and life in general during our get togethers. Fine doctoring..... Tucker F.

from Alice in CT March 3, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

I'm pretty new to Dr. Friedman's practice but it didn't take me long to realize how much he enjoys being a doctor. I feel so comfortable talking to him about symptoms I'm having, knowing that he'll do his best to help diagnose what's wrong and not simply take the path of least resistance. He genuinely cares and is willing to put the time and effort into helping… See more

from Michael in CT March 1, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Current event. Came down with Influenza-B w/pneumonia. Dr. Friedman's immediate attention to my serious condition certainly kept me out of the hospital and probably saved my life.

We even face-timed! Never done that before, however I was really failing and being able to actually speak with him in real time was amazing.

I have been with Dr. Friedman for over 25-years. He… See more

from Joan in CT March 1, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

With frequent patient status, I have only experienced the highest quality of professional and personal care under Dr. Friedman since inception of MDVIP! Cannot ask for more with his attention to personal care, rapport and interest with every visit. Dr. Friedman has made an effort to establish an environment of friendship and family within his practice that extends to his staff as well. Thank… See more

from Steven in CT March 1, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Dr Friedman is dedicated to the the well being of all of his patients. He He takes the time and the effort to make sure that we understand everything that we need not just on medication but also in lifestyle. True definition of a physician.

from steven in CT March 1, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Dr. Friedman is a throwback to the old days. He is compassionate and always there to help. But he is more than a throwback, he is highly competent and current in his medical skills.He also has a great bedside manner. I have been a patient of his for almost thirty years ! That says a lot doesn't it ?

from Patricia in CT February 28, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Friedman is a very capable and compassionate physician. He has been my doctor for over 35 years. When he became an MDVIP Doctor I knew
that I would join the program.... I have faith in him.

from vicki in CT February 28, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

last spring I needed surgery and I was so very grateful for Dr. Friedman's input as to my choice. the procedure went very well and a lot of it had to do with Dr friedman's input

from Dana A in CT February 28, 2018 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

Dr. Friedman's, professional knowledge, and patience is what impressed us most on finding a new Dr. in our area after a move from N.C. He has a gentle way and simply takes the time to explain and comfort our concerns. We never feel rushed as he focuses on us 100. Getting an appointment and x-rays after a recent fall the same day with results also helped us know he is there for us.… See more

NPR Radio in Connecticut interviewed MDVIP affiliate Dr. Jeffrey Friedman about the benefits of subscription-based concierge services like MDVIP. During the program, Dr. Friedman discusses the close relationships he has been able to establish with his patients and highlights MDVIP’s medical… See more

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