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| March, 5 2024 | for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD
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I had been admitted to the hospital with anaplasmosis,an infection caused by a tick.
My hospital Doctor explained nothing.
Upon discharge,I went for a follow-up with Dr Friedman.He explained everything,extended
my antibiotic and ordered physical therapy for my gait and balance issues.
This infection changed my life.Dr Friedman was very kind and encouraging and answered all my questions.
I got used to using a cane and a fall alert monitor.
It’s been many months,I feel much better and
my balance and gait have improved although not back to my baseline.I’m back to driving and enjoying being with friends and family.
I have days when my mood is low but it doesn’t last.
I continue with doctor follow-ups and know that I can reach Dr Friedman 24/7 for urgent issues.