Joseph McCabe, DO

Family Medicine
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Joseph McCabe, DO
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525.00 every 3 months
1,050.00 every 6 months
2,100.00 each year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy is to treat my patients as the unique individuals they are. I do not subscribe to the “one-size-fits-all” or “cookie-cutter” medicine that has become so prevalent in today’s healthcare environment. I know my patients well and am able to work closely with them to help them achieve their personal goals and enjoy the fullest and healthiest lives possible.

Dr. McCabe's Credentials

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East Carolina School of Medicine
Greenville, NC
Family Practice 1995-1997

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, PA

Medical School:
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1991

Villanova University
Villanova, PA
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1987

Carteret General Hospital
Chief of Medicine, Carteret General Hospital 2006
American Academy of Family Physicians
North Carolina Medical Society
Carteret County Medical Society
North Carolina
Battalion Surgeon, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC 1993-1995
General Medical Officer, Naval Hospital, Branch Medical Clinic, Orlando, FL 1992-1993

Testimonials from patients of Dr. McCabe

from Luz in NC March 13, 2024 for Joseph McCabe, DO
Image provided by: Luz

After having endless headaches and numerous different approached, Dr. McCabe sent me for a MRI. The MRI detected I had a brain aneurysm. Needless to say it was a terrifying time for me, as my older sister had just gone through it and her recovery was long and hard. However, my Doctor moved so quickly with having this resolved, getting my the approvals I needed for the Doctor of my choice… See more

from celeste in NC March 12, 2024 for Joseph McCabe, DO

When I retired from my 30 year career faculty position in academic pharmacy and medicine and moved to a small coastal town I was very concerned that my new home town lacked the quality academic medical care to which I had grown to expect and value. A colleague recommended Dr. Joseph McCabe who was with a group Family Medicine Center for my primary care physician. That was 15 years ago now… See more

from Henry in NC March 10, 2024 for Joseph McCabe, DO
Image provided by: Henry

I had a hip replacement. At PT, an issue arose regarding a possible complication.. Dr. McCabe(Joe) came by our house on his way home and assessed the situation. He saved me from a trip that night to the ER, and the unnecessary time, expense, concerns, etc.that would have gone with it. I feel very fortunate that he is my Dr,

from Sybil in NC February 18, 2024 for Joseph McCabe, DO

I accidently found Dr. MCCabe during a rehab stay for a fx femur. I had been in excellent health prior to this and never established a medical doctor after moving to NC in 2015. In 2018 all changed. I decided to look for an MDVIP - after researching those available in my area Dr. McCabe was my choice. Throughout the past 9 years he has above and beyond to assist me with his encouragement… See more

from Terry in NC January 19, 2024 for Joseph McCabe, DO
Image provided by: Terry

I call Doctor McCabe on a regular basis and he knows I have very little patience. He always answers me with a kind voice.

from Elizabeth (Liz) in NC March 9, 2018 for Joseph McCabe, DO

How lucky are we to have Dr Jos McCabe for our MDVIP doctor? VERY!!
My husband has Parkinson's disease and Dr McCabe is such a big help with treating the symptoms associated with Ray and his PD.
We are truly blessed and thank Dr McCabe for his compassion and help treating both of us.

from Barbara in NC March 6, 2018 for Joseph McCabe, DO

Dr McCabe is such a wonderful, caring and intelligent physician. No matter what problem I have he is always only a phone call away. Recently after another failed colonoscopy, the surgeon scheduled me for a barium #$&# a few days later and I was very strsssed over the procedure since we had been that route previously from a failed colonoscopy, I called the office and they told me to come on… See more

from Rebecca in NC March 2, 2018 for Joseph McCabe, DO

Dr. McCabe (and his staff) have helped me not only with physical problems but with mental ones, as well. He is most patient, kind and attentive to everything I say. For this, I am more grateful than I can express. In addition, I will always be grateful for his extreme kindness to my husband during his illness.

His staff, as well, could not be more helpful, gracious, kind and efficient… See more

from Maureen in NC March 1, 2018 for Joseph McCabe, DO

Dr. McCabe takes a true interest in your entire well being. Listening to other concerns and applying them to health issues. He never makes us feel like he is rushing or that our concerns are of little importance. Definitely makes us feel like we are his only patient.

from Celeste in NC March 1, 2018 for Joseph McCabe, DO

Thank you Dr McCabe and the MDVIP program and staff. With all the confusion in health care today it is a great comfort to know you have a smart, clear thinking doctor who knows you ,focuses on wellness, and is available when you need him. The even better part is that I trust Dr McCabe and the MDVIP program to navigate the health care system in Eastern North Carolina with/for me!