Big City Medical Care in a Small Coastal Town

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| March, 12 2024 | for Joseph McCabe, DO

When I retired from my 30 year career faculty position in academic pharmacy and medicine and moved to a small coastal town I was very concerned that my new home town lacked the quality academic medical care to which I had grown to expect and value. A colleague recommended Dr. Joseph McCabe who was with a group Family Medicine Center for my primary care physician. That was 15 years ago now and I can say with confidence that Dr McCabe has provided me as well as my family members with the very highest, up to date and personalized care available at any big city university medical center. The personalized aspect is likely far greater as Dr McCabe is very thorough, welcomes my input and explains the rationale for his recommendations. When a specialized physician or practice is needed he thoroughly researches the options and quickly procures a referral. Approximately 8-10 years ago I learned that Dr McCabe had joined MDVIP and that payment would be required to continue to have him as my physician. MDVIP made my experience with Dr McCabe and the Family Medicine Center even better. With that association came an even greater focus on wellness, personalized care, and near instant availability. The resources he was provided (receptionist, nurse, etc) greatly improved the total health care system experience by minimizing my issues with insurance, payment, prior approval, outside appointments etc. I wish to express my gratitude to Dr McCabe, Maris and Courtney for my excellent health care and to MDVIP for facilitating academic medicine in a small coastal town.