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Internal Medicine
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Kurt Crowley, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I consider your decision to choose me for your medical care a real honor, as healthcare is a valuable and personal matter. Being a physician today is quite different than it was when I first started practicing in this community in 1996. I believe the main stay of ideal medical care should be exhibited in the doctor-patient relationship. Trust and understanding is at the heart of good medicine. I am excited to be affiliated with MDVIP because with the affiliation, I am able to enhance our doctor-patient relationship. My office takes pride in the time we spend with you and in the efforts we make as a staff to provide optimal care. Our job is not over until we get to the root of the problem and/or develop an action plan for the future to provide quality of life that each of us can reach.

Dr. Crowley's Credentials

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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA
Internal Medicine 1994-1996

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA

Medical School:
Jefferson Medical College
Philadelphia, PA
Doctorate of Medicine 1993

Albright College
Reading, PA
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1989
Magna Cum Laude

Paoli Memorial Hospital
Main Line Clinical Laboratory Committee, Paoli Memorial Hospital 2005-present

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Crowley

from Patricia in PA March 13, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD

I've always been blessed with great health and I never wanted to be put on a whole menu of dugs.. but as I've gotten older I've had to change my thinking and my doctor and my friend, Dr Kurt Crowley has gently helped me do that. Dr Crowley has been so patient with me and his willingness to work with me has made all the difference in the world. I once read a saying "A… See more

from Kurt in PA March 10, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD
Image provided by: Kurt

Dr Kurt Crowley (Malvern PA) … “Twenty years ago, when I was 61 and I had my annual physical, Dr. Crowley told me that my lab numbers were good and that my health was fine. However, he concluded by remarking that he didn’t know why I had swollen ankles, and he encouraged me to see a kidney doctor — which I did. She in turn sent me overnight to the hospital for a biopsy which, when the test… See more

from James in PA March 9, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD
Image provided by: James

As a retired physician, there are very few things I appreciate more than the vast amount of knowledge an Internal Medicine physician must have and maintain. I have only known a few physicians who not only accomplish that, but who also effectively apply it to everyday patient care as well as Dr. Kurt Crowley. He exceeds my expectations with his eye on prevention, the management of my aging, and… See more

from Susanna in PA March 9, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD
Image provided by: Susanna

When I see a photo from last Spring I think of the fact that without Dr. Crowley's immediate diagnosis of two conditions, we wouldn't have been able to tour Italy. 6 years earlier I called and rushed into Dr. Crowley's office explaining my husband's symptoms. Dr. Crowley squeezed my hand and said to tell the Emergency Room staff that Ray needed a cat scan immediately.… See more

from Frank in PA February 26, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD

Dr. Crowley is a caring, compassionate caregiver who listens. As a result, this amazing physician has saved my life twice. I've been a patient of Dr. Crowley for almost 30 years. My first visit involved the passing of 6 kidney stones. His caring and intense interest in my health has resulted in me being his patient of almost 30 years. While he has treated my chronic issues (CKD,… See more

from Ethan in PA February 23, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD

I couldn't ask for a better PCP because Dr. Crowley is the best. His referrals and recommendations have proven to be right for me. As a consequence I continue to live a healthful and lively life. Annual physicals and follow ups confirm the efficacy of his approach. Hence; the Right Stuff. Dr. Crowley's practice is well managed. The front office staff are efficient and courteous and… See more

from William in PA February 20, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD

Dr. Crowley saved my life. Twenty years ago I went to his office with back pain, unannounced. He saw me right away, diagnosed the problem and sent me in an ambulance to the hospital. A few hours later I had a stent installed in a clogged artery. And he and his staff have taken great care of me ever since. Bill Winning

from Wade in PA February 19, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD
Image provided by: Wade

To start, I signed up for this program 9 years ago. It quite literally saved my life. When they put me through their initial set of tests, I passed everything. I had no symptoms. I was happy to walk away for another year, as I had always done in the past. But with MDVIP, my doctor now took the time to dig deeper into my results. He said he spotted something unusual in a pattern, and wouldn’t… See more

from Lou in PA February 19, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD
Image provided by: Lou

I'm a twice cancer survivor esophageal, and lung who has numerous doctors, but my primary is Dr. Crowley. A few months after lung surgery, I developed breathing difficulties with symptoms of Pneumonia. On a Sunday morning, I called Dr. Crowley and explained my breathing difficulties. He advised because of my lung surgery I immediately go to an urgent care facility close to my home and… See more

from Nancy in PA February 19, 2024 for Kurt Crowley, MD

In mid-November 2018 my son was arrested for beating his girlfriend, she passed away a few days later. The story is a sad one, never in the history of my family was anyone ever in prison. For murder was about more than I could comprehend. I was embarrassed, horrified, angry, and broken hearted. Our son had taken this girl in because she was homeless. He fell in love sadly before he realized… See more