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Family Medicine
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Laura Hamilton, MD
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Annual Membership Fee

432.50 every 3 months *
865.00 every 6 months *
1,730.00 each year *
*The lab portion of the annual MDVIP Wellness Program will be billed to patients directly by the lab company at the discounted rate of $70.

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe the most important tool I can give patients is teaching them to live well. My medical training was exceptional; I learned how to manage disease states and thoughtfully use diagnostic tools to properly identify patient’s illnesses and manage disease with medical treatments. The most important tool is prevention of those chronic and acute illnesses along with education on how to maintain that optimal well state. I have always believed that my role in my patient’s lives is to educate them, sift through the wealth of medical knowledge, distill the most pertinent information and collaborate with them to create a customized healthcare plan.

By creating a small practice with patients who believe in preventive care and are active participants in their path to wellness is where I can make the biggest impact. I am excited and honored to be a part of this collaboration. I will continue to educate myself and share my knowledge with each of my patients. Together we can achieve that goal of optimal wellness and health in all of our lives.

I am a long time resident of the North Country. I enjoy the snow and the outdoors and I am committed to this area. I love what I do both personally and professionally and find fascination in continuing to expand my knowledge on both realms. Being a physician is not what I do, it’s who I am. I learned long ago I cannot separate the two. I am so honored to be a part of my patient’s lives and am continually amazed by their accomplishments abilities. I respect the responsibility you all entrust in me and will continue my commitment to give you the finest care that I can.

Dr. Hamilton's Credentials

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Tripler Army Medical Center
Moanalua, HI
Family Medicine 1983-1985

Tripler Army Medical Center
Moanalua, HI

Medical School:
State University of New York, Upstate Medical College
Syracuse, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1978

Crouse Irving Hospital
Professional Affiliations and Appointments
Advisory Board, Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, Family Care Medical Group
Medical Society for the State of NY
Oswego County Medical Society
American Medical Association
New York
Health Professions Scholarship Program awarded by US Army Reserve to promote Health Professions in Active Duty Army 1980-present
Army Commendation Medical, US Army Reserve and National Guard Task Force for Earthquake Relief 1988
Active Duty US Army 1982-1988

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hamilton

from Thomas in NY August 11, 2020 for Laura Hamilton, MD

Dr. Hamilton is very patient, easy to talk to. and always takes what ever time is necessary to address any of my concerns. She has given excellent referrals when necessary for special situations. Dr. Hamilton is a very caring person and is very thorough when performing exams. I hope I never have to changer Doctors ! ! ! Thank You Dr. Hamilton.

from Jean in NY March 11, 2020 for Laura Hamilton, MD

I cared for my Mother several years before her death. There were two occasions when Dr. Hamilton was exceptionally kind and respectful of her. One example was that because of my Mother’s severe hearing impairment none of her other doctors addressed her during appointments, rather they ignored her and asked me questions and gave me her “answers”.
Now being hearing impaired myself, I… See more

from Susan in NY March 21, 2018 for Laura Hamilton, MD

what do I want in a doctor? one who listens and really hears you. who shows concern and wants to help you. when you have an issue they step up to the plate and handle it. these things and much more describes Dr. Hamilton. she does it with much easy and charm,

from Sandra in NY March 14, 2018 for Laura Hamilton, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Hamiltons for several years. I have several different medical problems. Dr. Hamilton has always been there for me. She takes a personal interest and always spends as much time as I need. She goes way beyond the call of duty to try and figure out the best solution to my problems of which there are many. Dr. Hamilton is anold fashion doctor that will make house calls… See more

from Donna in NY March 5, 2018 for Laura Hamilton, MD

So thankful to have you as my physician! You are kind, caring, knowledgable(& willing to find out the answer to a question, if you don't know it), have a passion for good nutrition, as do I. I admire you for taking the steps to change the way you were practicing in order to be the kind of physician you want to be. A great BIG THANKS!!!!

from Marie in NY March 2, 2018 for Laura Hamilton, MD

Dr. Hamilton has been our doctor for over 20 years. What is so wonderful about Dr. Hamilton is that she treats the WHOLE patient. She listens, is caring and always gives it to you straight. I absolutely love and have personally experienced the fact that she is not afraid to suggest something holistic instead of straight up prescribing a drug, unless absolutely necessary. This is very rare… See more

from Jean in NY February 27, 2018 for Laura Hamilton, MD

While I cared for my Mother in my home, twice Dr. Hamilton exhibited great compassion. During ordinary office visit, with my Mother, the patient, in a wheelchair, Dr. Hamilton got down on one knee, used Mothers first name to be sure Mother heard and understood the message. Secondly, after a fall, Doctor
had me drive to the office before going to the emergency room. Dr. Hamilton and… See more

Laura Hamilton, M.D., Provides Patient-Centered Care to the North Country

MDVIP, the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, announced today that Laura Hamilton, M.D., has opened an MDVIP-affiliated primary care… See more