Compassion for elderly.

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| March, 12 2020 | for Laura Hamilton, MD

I cared for my Mother several years before her death. There were two occasions when Dr. Hamilton was exceptionally kind and respectful of her. One example was that because of my Mother’s severe hearing impairment none of her other doctors addressed her during appointments, rather they ignored her and asked me questions and gave me her “answers”.
Now being hearing impaired myself, I know how it hurt her. Secondly, after Mother fell, I phoned Dr. Hamilton and she did advise going to the emergency room; however, first she had us come to her office for a check. She and a staff member came to the car to examine her in case emergency intervention was needed. She also called ahead, to smooth the way for the emergency room visit. Dr. Hamilton is a Doctor who I completely trust and is instrumental in my good health at age 81.